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March 2011

Living In Harmony

March 30, 2011

Yin and Yang

Although I have been exploring happiness and what it means to be happy my whole life, it wasn’t until I introduced the concept of harmony into my thinking that I really started to create a picture of what true happiness is. At each stage of my life I have made big decisions: going away to […]

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Pamper Yourself!

March 28, 2011

pamper yourself dog cucumbers on eyes

Why is it easy to justify spending time doing nice things for others, but we feel guilty doing nice things for ourselves?  It really is a funny situation.  I have spent hours making gifts for friends or doing nice deeds for relatives, but a half-hour massage for me?  No way! Part of taking the Happiness […]

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Go To A Second-Hand Store

March 26, 2011

second hand store

Second-hand stores are not just for the poor.  They can serve as a great source of inspiration for unleashing your inner-creativity! I’m currently living in Denmark and second-hand stores are very common here.  They are not a hand-out to the poor. On the contrary.  The clientele is made up of all classes of society (not […]

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Overcoming Differences

March 24, 2011

Dog and elephant

A beautiful video showing the love between two different animals. We have a lot to learn from nature. As the video says, if they can do it then what’s stopping us from overcoming our differences? It makes you think.. Is part of your Happiness Plunge overcoming differences with people in your life? Share your story […]

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Do What You Love; Love What You Do

March 22, 2011

I Heart My Job

How nice would it be to wake up in the morning and actually be excited to go to work every day?  For most of us, that isn’t the reality.  And that is quite sad given that we spend the majority of the most productive hours of our adult lives at work. If you hate your […]

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Open Up!

March 20, 2011

Joy with beautiful scene, colorful sky

The decision to take the Happiness Plunge is a monumental moment in anyone’s life, but one need not go it alone.  Open yourself up to others. It’s easy to perceive those who share their thoughts and feelings and desires as weak.  We are all guilty of this judgment at one time or another.  We often […]

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Be Thankful and Grateful

March 18, 2011

Hello my name is gratitude

There are some things we have infinite quantities of: love, respect, hate, anger, etc.  But an often overlooked supply of infinite energy is gratitude.  Imagine how different your life would be if you approached every situation and circumstance as a small miracle instead of having expectations and demands. For example, to an 85-year-old it must […]

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!

March 16, 2011

Apples and oranges comparisson

As human beings, we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others.  It’s human nature.  Taller, faster, smarter, happier, nicer, and thousands of other adjectives exist to allow us to make these comparisons. If you want to move a step closer to happiness, stop comparing yourself to others!  There is someone out there who is […]

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Happynomics Of Life

March 15, 2011

George washington face on dollar bill

I came across this recent article in the New York Times and wanted to share it here.  I am very excited to see what the British are doing!  They are trying to look beyond GDP as a measure of prosperity and look more at the overall wellbeing and happiness of society.  They are calling it […]

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The Pursuit Of Happiness

March 14, 2011

Oxymoron road sign the pursuit of happiness

Isn’t it funny that this widely used and accepted phrase, the pursuit of happiness, is so often misunderstood and misapplied?  Pursuit implies a journey; it implies something difficult one must achieve, such as a college degree or convincing the person of your dreams to spend the rest of his or her life with you.  Both […]

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Minimize Things, Maximize Experiences

March 13, 2011

Experience on a page with lots of words

We live in a consumption society.  Our entire economic model depends on mass consumption.  The more we consume, the better off the economy is.  But the more we consume, the worse off we are financially.  Quite a conundrum. My philosophy is to minimize things and maximize experiences.  Too often we long for material goods.  But […]

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The Meaning Of Life

March 12, 2011

five fingers five goals

A video showing the meaning of life and words to live by

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Go Outside!

March 11, 2011

Go outside beautiful nature scene with lake forest and snow-covered mountain

Close your eyes and think of anywhere in the world you’d rather be right now than in front of your computer.  I suppose the title of the post might bias your thought process.. For many people, this magical, stress-free place of relaxation and happiness is somewhere outside.  It could be a beach, or maybe a […]

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Get Out Of Debt!

March 10, 2011

man carrying bag of debt on back

I’m sure anyone in debt reading this will read this and think “easier said than done.”  Fair enough.  Some debt can be necessary.  It would be hard to become a doctor or lawyer without taking student loans.  Frankly, it’s hard to pay for college in general without taking loans.  Then there are cars, houses, etc. […]

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Question The Status Quo

March 9, 2011

who what where when why how questions

I want to share a story that will act as a metaphor for how many of us lead our lives. I am not a heavy user of dairy products, but I used to have yogurt every morning and some milk in my coffee.  One of my former colleagues used to take a pill before every […]

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Get A Plant!

March 8, 2011

plant in yellow pot

Ok, maybe as a single guy this post will seem funny.  But hear me out!  The Happiness Plunge is about the big decisions that will change your life forever, but it’s also about the small ones that can really improve your quality of life! I moved into a new apartment in January.  I live very […]

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Today’s Challenge – Make Someone Smile

March 7, 2011

smiley face icon

Today’s “Challenge Yourself” seems easy, but in reality it’s difficult.  This is one of my favorite challenges since there are many techniques you can use, but often it depends on improvisation. Really, go out of your way today to make someone smile.  You get extra points if the person you make smile really needs a […]

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