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Open Up!

by on March 20, 2011

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Joy with beautiful scene, colorful skyThe decision to take the Happiness Plunge is a monumental moment in anyone’s life, but one need not go it alone.  Open yourself up to others.

It’s easy to perceive those who share their thoughts and feelings and desires as weak.  We are all guilty of this judgment at one time or another.  We often see such displays of feelings or emotions as a cry for help.   In some cases it is a cry for help; but in others it’s frank honesty we don’t know how to categorize.  It doesn’t fit into the categories we place people into: crazy, normal, and “got it together.”

Isn’t someone who shares their inner feelings and desires strong?  It takes guts!

If someone is obese and decides to take the plunge into exercise and healthy eating to lose weight and be healthier, we applaud and support him or her.  Yet, if someone decides to take the plunge into happiness and opens up to heal and shed his or her old skin, is he or she not facing the same uphill battle worthy of applause and support that the obese person gets unconditionally?    It’s not fair.

But that’s life.

I used to keep everything bottled up inside.  I was a lock box and I threw away the key.  But as expected, eventually you become full and the pressure keeps building up inside until something gives way.  Everyone has a different capacity and breaking point, but no matter what it’s unhealthy to bottle everything up.  You have friends, family, medical professionals, spiritual leaders, and tons of other outlets.

Sure, it’s not healthy to meet a stranger and dump everything on him.  But use your best judgment.   You must have trust with this person, and ensure that it’s not just a one-way street.  That said, a pity party is not good either.  I think it’s best to talk to the wise elderly person we all have in our lives, or talk to people who have already walked in your shoes and overcome whatever is troubling you.  Inspiration can serve as a great spark plug to get the engine turned over and moving in the right direction.

If you have opened up to someone and they are not a good listener, or they don’t offer good advice, then move on!  Even if you are vulnerable, at no time should you ever feel unempowered.  Create positive relationships.  By opening up, you may find that your long-time friend went through the same thing, or your sibling is going through the same thing, etc.  You might even strengthen some relationships as a result!  Imagine that, when initially you may worry you are jeopardizing a relationship by opening up!

If you are hesitant to open up to someone, just ask what the worst thing is that can happen.  If it’s not that bad, then go for it.  Take baby steps, and feel the situation out.  And if need be, seek out a mentor or life coach.  In my case, I prefer leaning on my friends and family for support.  But depending on what ails you, another outlet may be appropriate.

Either way, open up and you’ll probably feel 1000lbs lighter and more connected to humanity.  It’s much easier to take the Happiness Plunge with 1000lbs off your back!

What about you?  Do you have a story about opening up to someone?  Please share it below!

About Adam Pervez

In mid-2011 I left my cushy corporate job and took the plunge into a life incorporating my passions of traveling, writing, volunteering, learning, educating, and telling stories. I study what happiness means to others, offer what I can from my engineering/MBA background as a volunteer, and try to leave each place better than how I found it. Read more.

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