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Smile More!

by on April 25, 2011

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baby smilingSmiling makes us feel great, so why don’t we do more of it?  It is one of nature’s best home remedies and there is no limit to how much of this medicine we can take!

Smiling puts us in a better mood.  If you are in a bad mood, smile!  Even if you don’t feel like it, force yourself to smile.  It will help put you in a better mood.  It also relieves stress since stress shows in our faces.  Smile more and it’ll relax the muscles in your face and you will have released some tension.  Smiling also lowers your blood pressure!  If you don’t believe this, take a reading of your blood pressure.  Then smile for one or two minutes and take it again.  You should notice a difference.

When you smile, endorphins and serotonin are released.  These help to improve our mood and act as natural pain killers.  You face is also lifted when you smile, making you look younger and, of course, more attractive!  Frowns push people away, but smiles bring people in and make others feel good!  Smiling is contagious.  Maybe not as much as yawning, but pretty close!  We’ve all joined a group just at the moment when everyone started laughing and instinctively found ourselves smiling or laughing along with them.

Most of all, smiling is positive.  Smiling sends out the signal that you are happy and as mentioned above, smiling is contagious.  The more you smile, the more you can inject positivity and good emotions into your environment and society.

Smiling may not be directly related to taking the Happiness Plunge, but it certainly plays a role in your overall happiness and the decision to be happy.  You can consciously decide to smile more just as you can consciously make the decision to take the Happiness Plunge.

For something that costs nothing, requires little effort, and can produce infinite positivity, we should all start smiling more!

Have you made the decision to smile more?  What results have you noticed?  Share your story below!

About Adam Pervez

In mid-2011 I left my cushy corporate job and took the plunge into a life incorporating my passions of traveling, writing, volunteering, learning, educating, and telling stories. I study what happiness means to others, offer what I can from my engineering/MBA background as a volunteer, and try to leave each place better than how I found it. Read more.

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