The Happy Nomad Tour

Happy Nomad Tour Update 19-May

The Happy Nomad TourThe Happy Nomad Tour is only 84 days away. I’ve tentatively and arbitrarily picked August 10th as my departure date. It could change plus or minus a few days, but I will leave around then for sure.

I haven’t planned much for the actual trip yet. This is intentional though. I am a master at “hit and run” travel – where I arrive in a city or country, run around for three days seeing all the museums and monuments, and then leave without talking to anyone. Those days are gone.

While in the Middle East, I often got vacation time with no notice. Another oil company would make a mistake offshore and we would take the helicopter back to town and get a week off as a result. I would have no time to plan anything. I actually preferred this way of traveling, though. Since I never did preparation, all five of my senses were open and hyperactive to what I was encountering. The more preparation you do, the less room there is for surprise. I want to be surprised!

A friend of mine here at Siemens might be able to put me in touch with someone who runs some charities in his state in Mexico. Maybe that will be a great way to kick off the adventure. But I’d also like to volunteer at a farm in Mexico, so let’s see how it goes.

My last day of work is June 30th. I fly home on July 1st, stopping in Washington DC to visit family, then going down to Raleigh to see my brother. We’ll then drive up to Cleveland together.

Currently, I plan to head down to Mexico via Greyhound. It’s cheaper than flying, but more importantly I want to actually see the US as I leave. You can’t really do that from the air. Plus, I am in no rush and hopefully I can visit a friend in Houston along the way.

That’s all for now. 42 days until I’m free from the corporate world and 84 days until The Happy Nomad Tour begins! I can’t wait!

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