Happy Nomad Tour Route With Venezuela Highlighted

How I Improved My Trip And Avoided Being Alone On Christmas In Less Than An Hour By Embracing Change

On Thursday, December 1st I sat down to try and do some Happy Nomad Tour “administrative” things. I used to stay a month ahead in terms of planning, but I’ve long given that up and take comfort in knowing where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing 24-hours in the future. My brother, who planned […]
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Me And Maria

Volunteering At Hogar de Pan Orphanage In Cartago, Costa Rica

From the outside, Hogar de Pan looks like a normal house. There is no sign and nothing remarkable about it. But inside, it is a remarkable story. The orphanage was started by inspirational couple Victor and Melba. Their son was extremely sick 30 years ago and the doctor told them that he wouldn’t make it. […]
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