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Together, Let’s Help Kids With Cancer!

by on January 17, 2012

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Quick Summary

Inspired by an uncle currently battling pancreatic cancer, I’m going to grow out my hair so that I can donate it to a hometown charity that makes wigs for kids who have lost their hair battling cancer. I want to raise $1000 per inch I grow. At a 12 inch/30.5cm minimum donation, that’s $12,000. Each wig they make costs $1500-$3000 and requires 20-30 hair donations. Please help me share this project through your social networks or feel free to donate! Tax deductible for Americans on donations over $5.

Update 16-Feb-2012: Unfortunately Uncle Barry passed away tonight. But his spirit lives on via his friends and family, and his kindness and positivity will live on via the children touched by this project

Let’s Help Kids With Cancer!

Bald At The Start Of The Happy Nomad Tour

Bald At The Start Of The Happy Nomad Tour

As you may remember, I started The Happy Nomad Tour bald. I thought it would be easier to manage, logical since it was supposed to be warm everywhere (I froze in Guatemala and Costa Rica), and I liked the look.

Well, I think it was in Leon, Mexico where I realized that shaving my head was more of a bother than anything. It’s just like a beard and after two or three days the hair is back. I don’t even shave my face that much anymore, so I decided to grow out my hair.

The Crazy Hair That Will Someday Hug A Child's Scalp

The Crazy Hair That Will Someday Hug A Child’s Scalp

My mom has asked me repeatedly over the past 15 years to grow out my hair. Now she is getting her wish, though she may regret it!

I took this picture and sent it home to my family showing how out of control my hair has become. My brother responded with an awesome idea. He said I should grow out my hair and donate it to one of the organizations that takes donated human hair and turns it into wigs for children battling cancer.


My Dear Uncle Barry

My Dear Uncle Barry

Plus, at this very moment an uncle is battling pancreatic cancer and I lost an aunt to cancer in 2010. Though they aren’t children, I can’t imagine how much harder it would be for kids (and their parents) to go through the same thing.

Inspired by my friend Maria, who on her own accord wanted to cycle from Canada to Mexico and saw an opportunity to combine her journey with the raising money to build a school in Guatemala, I want to raise money for charity as I grow out my hair.

I contacted the most well-known hair donation organization and they completely blew me off. But no problem. I did one better! I found an organization from my hometown of Cleveland doing the same thing and I’m happy to support them!

My goal is to raise $1000 for each inch of hair I grow. The grand total, I hope, will be $12,000 since 12 inches/30.50cm is the minimum amount to donate. Each wig they make costs $1500-$3000 and requires 20-30 hair donations. $12,000 could pay for 4 to 8 wigs.

According to Wigs For Kids, donations of $5 or more are tax deductible for Americans.

Donate Now

It’s a tall order and there are tons of other organizations worthy of your time and money. If you don’t donate any money personally, I’d still really appreciate it if you promoted this endeavor.

I’ll provide periodic updates, both of my crazy hair and of how much has been raised.

Any help you can offer in terms of publicizing this project would go a long way – whether via social networks, the media, etc. If you have any other ideas on how to promote this, please contact me!

Let’s help kids with cancer focus on getting better instead of their physical appearance!

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