Popayan - The White City

Popayan, Colombia – The White City

Popayan is called The City Of White and you’ll see why in the pictures below. I met an entrepreneurial couple while in Guatape who own two hostels in Popayan. I contacted them to see if they’d be interested in getting a review while I can explore the town. They agreed!

The city itself is relatively small, but very charming. It is small enough to be safe, have friendly people, and have that intangible appeal so many Latin American pueblos have, yet it’s big enough that you can obtain anything you need. It’s also a university town and I always seem to have a place in my heart for university towns.

While in Popayan I had my interview with both The Patch and BusinessWeek and both went quite well. I also had the milking myself incident on my first day, which is something I’ll always remember! :) I also went to the indigenous market in Silvia while in Popayan, which was a wonderful experience.

While I was there I saw a group doing circus stunts in the town square. Pretty cool!

Otherwise, there isn’t much else to say. It’s a beautiful small town that I enjoyed and relaxed in for three days. There are lots of amazing things to do in nature nearby like thermal baths, volcanoes, etc. Just a wonderful town!

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