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Puka Pukara – Cusco’s Beautiful Red Fortress At Twilight

by on June 18, 2012

in Peru

Welcome To Puka Pukara

Welcome To Puka Pukara

Puka Pukara, or red fort in Quechua, gets its name from the red tint the rocks reflect at twilight.

The site was a military fortress designed to protect the city of Cusco and served as a settlement. Scholars believe it was an Incan administrative center of sorts. There are aqueducts, plazas, baths, fountains, and other signs that reflect its non-military uses.

The Inca Trail also passes right by Puka Pukara. As a result, visitors may have used the site as refuge along the journey.

There are tunnels on site and there is speculation that they once led to the “Incan Spa” of Tambomachay.

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