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It’s Hard To Try New Things – Especially Spam

by on July 28, 2012

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Spam - Meat In A Can

Spam – Meat In A Can

When I got home I kind of settled in to the familiar routine. Despite staying with my uncle in Cleveland in an apartment I had never been to before, I still found myself automatically switch gears a bit to “home” mode.

Of course, my life now is completely different from what life used to be when I lived in the US eight years ago. I left the U.S. after finishing my degree in electrical engineering, yet I returned this time as a student of life – never more thirsty for knowledge.

Frying The Strips Of Spam

Frying The Strips Of Spam

As a traveler I try new things every day, especially when it comes to food. I’ve tried things I’ve never thought I’d try before as I spoke about in my How The Happy Nomad Tour Rolls article about food. But to recap, I’ve tried things like grilled cow heart, cow tongue tacos, chicken feet soup, cow stomach soup, and even more stuff I ate without asking what I was eating.

The Spam Bacon

The Spam Bacon

While at my uncle’s house I got to take part in a tradition I had never known of or experienced – spam bacon. He fries strips of spam and creates a crispy bacon.

Instinctively, I have been taught to avoid spam and I never tried it before. From a health perspective, yes, spam should be avoided. Meat in a can has to be full of preservatives and I avoid eating preservatives. Still, I live by the philosophy of trying everything at least once.

Thus, it was time an egg and spam-bacon sandwich on toast.

Result: An awesome breakfast!

My Spam-Bacon Egg Sandwich

My Spam-Bacon Egg Sandwich


The point of sharing this story is to make you think what you are avoiding in life as a result of your pre-established routines. I have suggested questioning the status quo, and this is a logical extension of that.

Break your routines and you may treat yourself to a fantastic new experience. It makes life less boring and helps quench the brain’s constant thirst for knowledge and experiences.

It takes effort, but the result is worth it – even if it’s just to give spam bacon a try. :)

But imagine what else is out there to try, do, and experience!

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