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Crazy Hair Fundraiser Update!

by on August 26, 2012

in Crazy Hair Fundraiser

Sadly, despite my best efforts to raise money on the streets of Vientiane, Laos the day before my birthday, I raised no money in person for my Wigs For Kids fundraiser.

Trying To Fundraise In Vientiane, Laos The Day Before My Birthday

Trying To Fundraise In Vientiane, Laos The Day Before My Birthday

Since the last update I went home, did lots of media, and was in the Cleveland media.

All these things only brought in $200, bringing the total to $2090. Of course, that is AWESOME! That pays for about one wig, which is phenomenal.

My Crazy Hair In August 2012

My Crazy Hair In August 2012

But I had higher hopes and expectations. I guess getting people to part with their hard-earned money in a horrible financial crisis is harder than I thought.. which may be a harbinger of things to come as I try to work on making my trip financially sustainable as well :)

Anyway, my hair seems to grow slower the longer it gets. I’d estimate it’s about 7 inches/18cm long right now. I still have a ways to go :)

Even if we don’t get up the $12,000 target, let’s try and at least get to $5000 – enough for two free wigs to kids who need them.

We’ll see. As always, you can read more about the fundraiser here and donate here.

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