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Bugs In The Laotian Countryside

by on October 3, 2012

in Laos

I am not a big fan of bugs.

I have gotten much better as a result of this trip, but maybe some fears only lesson and never go away. When I was in the El Salvadoran countryside I asked a little girl if she was afraid of spiders.

Her reply.. “No, why would I be?”

I can think of lots of reasons, but when you grow up surrounded by them you get used to it. No need to be afraid.

I included a gecko in the collection as I have the utmost respect for the work they do now! Spiders as well, but they still freak me out a bit – especially the gigantic one I found here.

Well, here is a collection of some of the “wildlife” I encountered in the Laotian countryside. Surprisingly, no cockroaches.

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