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My Backpacking Days Are Now Behind Me

by on October 24, 2012

in Adam, Thailand

Well, not exactly.

I decided to conduct a little experiment while in Bangkok: Trade in my backpack for a small suitcase.

So I went to Thailand’s biggest market, Chatuchak Weekend Market, to buy a small suitcase. The size had to be small enough that I could use it as a carry-on in an airplane. I found what I was looking for.

Bangkok will serve as a bit of a transportation hub as I’ll pass through the airport on my way from The Philippines to Myanmar, and then again from Myanmar to Nepal. But on that last leg, Myanmar to Nepal, I have an overnight stay in Bangkok. So the idea is to give the suitcase a try. If it proves to be a more troublesome than helpful, then I can switch back to my backpack as I continue The Happy Nomad Tour in Nepal.

If the suitcase works well, I’ll stick with it.

Basically, I’m just tired of carrying my backpack around. My shoulders hurt, the backpack sticks out to potential thieves, and I just think a suitcase would be easier.

It was also an opportunity to downsize, forcing myself to carry the minimal amount of stuff that’s necessary.

Changing From One Paradigm To Another

Changing From One Paradigm To Another

In the end, the suitcase proved to be much more spacious than expected. It also helped that I downsized once already in Asia – in Cambodia.

The Backpack To Suitcase Conversion

The Backpack To Suitcase Conversion

So, for the time being, I have gone back to looking like a corporate tool :). But it’s for the best, I think. And now it’s a bit funny.. I joke that my home is my suitcase and my office is my backpack. But it’s not far from the truth.

My New Look

My New Look

Let’s see if I end up keeping the suitcase or going back to the backpack in a few weeks!

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