Always Smiling

I Wish We Could Have A Conversation…

While in Latin America a funny thing happened. The more I traveled, the more I enjoyed it. Peru exemplifies this, as my 2.5 months there were some of the best in my time in Latin America. Although Peru is a wonderful, amazing place, another thing was at play: language. By the time I got to […]
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A Book About Achieving Freedom

What does freedom mean to you? It’s a tough question. When I was younger I think my answer would have been much more skewed to the financial aspects of life. Back when I had my first job in the corporate world, an intern at GE Appliances in Louisville, Kentucky, I thought I had it all […]
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What Is Your Greatest Fear?

Maybe I had morbid friends, but this was a question I got a lot in high school and college. I think the first time I was asked I didn’t have an answer. It wasn’t something I thought about. But as time went on I did have an answer: ending up alone in life. Yes, being […]
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“Hey, Are You Originally American?”

Yes, it’s a question I’ve received in every country so far. It seems people have a hard time believing I’m really “American,” whatever that means. I won’t dive into the whole “American” controversy, where many in Latin America dislike that people from the U.S. call them selves Americans when everyone in the Western Hemisphere is […]
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Forcing Myself To Smile (At The Dentist)

How I Handle Depression

I have a confession to make. I get depressed sometimes. It’s not a huge admission. I think everyone gets a bit depressed sometimes. Though I have dealt with depression in the past, it largely plays no role in my life now. Part of taking the plunge was really getting to know myself better, maximizing the […]
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home sweet home2

Accepting Home

This is a hard post to write because I think it would be hard for many to relate to what I’m about to say. I left the U.S. in 2004 and have basically been living abroad since. Each time I went back home things seemed to get more and more crazy. I didn’t see myself […]
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With Morgan Tracey

Meeting An Awesome Future Olympian

While on my way home to surprise my mom for Christmas I had a long delay in Newark. I arrived in Newark at 5am and was supposed to head to Cleveland at 9:05am. But there was an hour of maintenance on the plane. Fine. But then a strange problem occurred – they couldn’t open the […]
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Me With Tequila AK-47

l’m Different..And Dangerous

Two recent headaches inspired me to write this post. Since I’ve chosen to live a very different kind of life, one that doesn’t make sense to many people, there are some undesirable side-effects. Flying Home When I flew home from Bombay to surprise my mom for Christmas I underwent the craziest security check I’ve ever […]
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