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Returning “Home” To Madrid And Falling In Love With The City All Over Again

September 10, 2013

I Love Madrid

I arrived in Madrid quite ill, but quite happy as well. I think laymen visit Madrid and grow to like the city. But I lived there October 2008 – December 2009 and it’s one of the few places on earth I consider home. As I landed at the airport I caught the metro to go […]

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Trying Not To Die Before Leaving India

August 27, 2013


I woke up on a Monday morning. Something was wrong. I felt weird. Something didn’t feel right. I dizzily stumbled to the bathroom and had some diarrhea. After being in India this long, a one-off session of diarrhea was nothing abnormal. I then stumbled back to the mattress on the floor that I called home […]

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20 Things I’ve Learned From 2 Years Of Traveling

August 10, 2013


Today marks two years of happy homelessness for me. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. I must use this opportunity to thank the countless wonderful people who have so enriched me with their generosity, love, and kindness – especially the strangers who have opened their homes and hearts to me along […]

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Speaking At IIT Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad, India

August 6, 2013

A Picture With The Students

I was supposed to stay with my friend in Ahemedabad but two days before getting there he told me he couldn’t host me. Family was coming in from out of town and there was no space. Though not ideal, I took a couple hours and searched for a couch in couchsurfing. In the end, a […]

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Catching A Train To The Wrong City In The Middle Of Nowhere

June 30, 2013

My Savior And Angel

It’s an honest mistake to make. How many cities could be named Bokaro in India? The answer, of course, is more than one and here’s the story (and if you’re curious, within 43km there are three different cities that start with the word Bokaro). As an Indian you have to reserve train tickets far in […]

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I Wish We Could Have A Conversation…

June 16, 2013

Always Smiling

While in Latin America a funny thing happened. The more I traveled, the more I enjoyed it. Peru exemplifies this, as my 2.5 months there were some of the best in my time in Latin America. Although Peru is a wonderful, amazing place, another thing was at play: language. By the time I got to […]

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A Book About Achieving Freedom

June 11, 2013


What does freedom mean to you? It’s a tough question. When I was younger I think my answer would have been much more skewed to the financial aspects of life. Back when I had my first job in the corporate world, an intern at GE Appliances in Louisville, Kentucky, I thought I had it all […]

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What Is Your Greatest Fear?

June 1, 2013


Maybe I had morbid friends, but this was a question I got a lot in high school and college. I think the first time I was asked I didn’t have an answer. It wasn’t something I thought about. But as time went on I did have an answer: ending up alone in life. Yes, being […]

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“Hey, Are You Originally American?”

May 18, 2013


Yes, it’s a question I’ve received in every country so far. It seems people have a hard time believing I’m really “American,” whatever that means. I won’t dive into the whole “American” controversy, where many in Latin America dislike that people from the U.S. call them selves Americans when everyone in the Western Hemisphere is […]

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2 Burmese Monks, No Common Language, Tons Of Fun

May 15, 2013


As I explored Bagan by bike, I was going to a particular temple next to the river. On my way I saw a beautiful temple and decided to stop for a minute to see it. I didn’t go inside but the sign said it was from the year 1215. Wow. At the entrance there were […]

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What Almost Ruined My Trip To Myanmar

May 11, 2013

A Happy But Sick Nomad

I arrived in Bagan after a long night bus ride from Yangon. I arrived at 5am with no hotel reservation. I got on a horse cart and was taken to several places. All were full. But finally we stopped at Pann Cherry Guest House and I was lucky enough to get the cheapest room during […]

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How I Handle Depression

May 8, 2013

Forcing Myself To Smile (At The Dentist)

I have a confession to make. I get depressed sometimes. It’s not a huge admission. I think everyone gets a bit depressed sometimes. Though I have dealt with depression in the past, it largely plays no role in my life now. Part of taking the plunge was really getting to know myself better, maximizing the […]

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Accepting Home

April 22, 2013

home sweet home2

This is a hard post to write because I think it would be hard for many to relate to what I’m about to say. I left the U.S. in 2004 and have basically been living abroad since. Each time I went back home things seemed to get more and more crazy. I didn’t see myself […]

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A Wimp’s Guide To Taking A Cold Shower

April 20, 2013

Mohawk In The Shower

I think I’ve taken more cold showers than heated showers thus far on The Happy Nomad Tour. I’ve developed a bit of a system since I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold despite growing up in extremely cold Cleveland, Ohio. So, here is a wimp’s guide to taking a cold shower should you […]

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Meeting An Awesome Future Olympian

April 17, 2013

With Morgan Tracey

While on my way home to surprise my mom for Christmas I had a long delay in Newark. I arrived in Newark at 5am and was supposed to head to Cleveland at 9:05am. But there was an hour of maintenance on the plane. Fine. But then a strange problem occurred – they couldn’t open the […]

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Happy Nomad Tour Update: The Start Of A New Era

April 16, 2013


That’s kind of a bold title, but in many ways this is the start of a new era for me and for The Happy Nomad Tour. I keep everything in chronological order on the website, but on a handful of occasions I break in with a real-time update. Yesterday I arrived on the island of Cyprus. At […]

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l’m Different..And Dangerous

April 10, 2013

Me With Tequila AK-47

Two recent headaches inspired me to write this post. Since I’ve chosen to live a very different kind of life, one that doesn’t make sense to many people, there are some undesirable side-effects. Flying Home When I flew home from Bombay to surprise my mom for Christmas I underwent the craziest security check I’ve ever […]

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