pamper yourself dog cucumbers on eyes

Pamper Yourself!

Why is it easy to justify spending time doing nice things for others, but we feel guilty doing nice things for ourselves?  It really is a funny situation.  I have spent hours making gifts for friends or doing nice deeds for relatives, but a half-hour massage for me?  No way! Part of taking the Happiness […]
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Dog and elephant

Overcoming Differences

A beautiful video showing the love between two different animals. We have a lot to learn from nature. As the video says, if they can do it then what’s stopping us from overcoming our differences? It makes you think.. Is part of your Happiness Plunge overcoming differences with people in your life? Share your story […]
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Joy with beautiful scene, colorful sky

Open Up!

The decision to take the Happiness Plunge is a monumental moment in anyone’s life, but one need not go it alone.  Open yourself up to others. It’s easy to perceive those who share their thoughts and feelings and desires as weak.  We are all guilty of this judgment at one time or another.  We often […]
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Hello my name is gratitude

Be Thankful and Grateful

There are some things we have infinite quantities of: love, respect, hate, anger, etc.  But an often overlooked supply of infinite energy is gratitude.  Imagine how different your life would be if you approached every situation and circumstance as a small miracle instead of having expectations and demands. For example, to an 85-year-old it must […]
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plant in yellow pot

Get A Plant!

Ok, maybe as a single guy this post will seem funny.  But hear me out!  The Happiness Plunge is about the big decisions that will change your life forever, but it’s also about the small ones that can really improve your quality of life! I moved into a new apartment in January.  I live very […]
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