Sunrise At Angkor Wat

Sunrise And Motorcycle Rescue At Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the largest religious structure in the world. At 400 square kilometers / 154 square miles, the site is enormous. It’s full of temples and structures built between the 9th and 15th centuries. It is believed that this site was the largest pre-industrial city in the world. What started off as monuments to […]
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Are Cambodians The Happiest People On Earth?

As I learned about all the horrible things that have happened here in Cambodia over the years, and fresh off the horrible things I learned in Vietnam, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’m in the wrong country. Cambodia is very poor. It ranks 147 out of 183 measured countries on the IMF’s GDP per capita scale […]
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The Room

What A $5 Hotel Looks Like In Cambodia

$5 will get you a meal and milkshake/smoothie at touristy restaurants. It’ll get you 13 1.5L bottles of water. It’ll get you 10 rides on a motorcycle taxi around the city. But it’ll also get you a night in a nice guesthouse near the center of town. I stayed at the appropriately-named “Happy Guesthouse” in […]
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The Angkor Butterfly Center

On the way to the Cambodian Landmine Museum, I passed by the Angkor Butterfly Center. The landmine museum was kind of heavy, as you can imagine, so I asked my motorcycle taxi driver if we could stop at the butterfly center on the way back. The butterfly center serves as an alternative for local farmers. […]
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accu thumb

Getting Beaten Up By An 80lb Woman And Other Fun Massage/Acupuncture Experiences

In Siem Reap I got a chance to try a few things I’ve never done before. When confronted with the opportunity to try something new, within reason, I never turn down the opportunity! Acupuncture I was familiar with acupuncture before coming here, but I had never had it done before. I don’t have any health […]
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A Glimpse Into Cambodia’s Recent Dark Past

Cambodia has a very dark recent past that most people don’t know about. When you think of the word genocide you probably think of the holocaust. But there was a genocide in the late-1970’s in Cambodia claiming some 2,000,000 lives – about a quarter of the Cambodian population at the time. S21 S21 was the […]
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