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Bugs In The Laotian Countryside

I am not a big fan of bugs. I have gotten much better as a result of this trip, but maybe some fears only lesson and never go away. When I was in the El Salvadoran countryside I asked a little girl if she was afraid of spiders. Her reply.. “No, why would I be?” […]
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Adorable Kittens

36 Pictures Of Adorable Kittens

What can I say. I fell in love with two adorable kittens while volunteering at Sunshine School. The kittens were only one month old and it took a week for them to feel comfortable enough to sit in my lap – which happened the last night I was there. Lovely animals and so, so cute! […]
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Pha That Luang

Vientiane – The Capital Of Laos

As I mentioned, it was a bit of a relief to leave Hanoi. Arriving in Laos was exactly the cure for a tired traveler. Crossing The Border The bus from Hanoi, Vietnam to Vientiane, Laos took about 22 hours, shorter than the quoted 24 hours and 30 hours you’ll find quoted on other travel blogs. […]
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Getting Beaten Up By An 80lb Woman And Other Fun Massage/Acupuncture Experiences

In Siem Reap I got a chance to try a few things I’ve never done before. When confronted with the opportunity to try something new, within reason, I never turn down the opportunity! Acupuncture I was familiar with acupuncture before coming here, but I had never had it done before. I don’t have any health […]
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Happy Laos

Liena Lacey is volunteering at Saoban, a store in the center of Vientiane, Laos that works with villages throughout Laos to produce fairtrade arts and crafts. By itself, this is a cool story and Liena, an Australian, is doing great things here. But there’s another project she’s helping out with that she so kindly shared […]
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