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A Simple Greeting, A Deep Transmission Of Love

February 23, 2013

Child Namaste Greeting

How do you greet people? Maybe you nod at them, maybe you shake the other person’s hand, maybe you bow or do a curtsy. Everyone is different and every culture has different norms regarding greetings. In Singapore I couchsurfed with a local girl. She was also hosting a girl from the Czech Republic who spent many months, maybe it was […]

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Drinking Coffee Pooped Out By A Weasel

December 19, 2012

Drinking Weasel Poop Coffee

I live under the motto of trying everything once. Lots of “crazy” things have entered my mouth on this trip, some strange food from Latin America here, for example. But it’s all relative. What’s strange in one place is a delicacy in another, and vice versa. Best to approach everything with an open mind and […]

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10 Reasons I’d Love To Live In Thailand

December 17, 2012

Thai Beach

As I returned to Thailand for the first time in six years, a friend of mine asked me what the big deal is with Thailand? Why is it so popular? Why is Bangkok one of the most visited cities in the world? I had a hard time answering her. I could feel why Thailand felt […]

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My Biggest Screw Up Thus Far On The Happy Nomad Tour

December 13, 2012

My Oops Face

I guess I portray myself as something of a travel expert on here. I’ve been to 65 countries in my life, I’ve done the hit and run traveling characteristic of weekend warrior travelers as well as slow traveling the way I do now. I know the tricks of the trade and.. You know the moment […]

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Why Are We So Judgmental?

December 1, 2012


Why are we so judgmental as a species? Seriously! I guess it goes back to evolution. We had to quickly decide whether situations were safe, berries edible, and animals scary in an instant. Fight or flight kind of stuff. As we’ve evolved to have missions to space and gene therapy, we haven’t evolved much when […]

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Another Technology Setback – A Broken Laptop Screen

October 25, 2012

Old Monitor Removed

When I was in Cambodia I wrote about suffering a technological setback. There, my AC adapter died and was overheating in a dangerous way. HP support was worthless despite my warranty and I had to buy a replacement universal adapter. Over the past month, I’ve noticed my laptop screen hasn’t been behaving properly. When I […]

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My Backpacking Days Are Now Behind Me

October 24, 2012

Changing From One Paradigm To Another

Well, not exactly. I decided to conduct a little experiment while in Bangkok: Trade in my backpack for a small suitcase. So I went to Thailand’s biggest market, Chatuchak Weekend Market, to buy a small suitcase. The size had to be small enough that I could use it as a carry-on in an airplane. I found what […]

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Back To The “Modern” World

October 23, 2012


After such a wonderful experience at the temple in Bang Mun Nak, I quickly found myself needing to rejoin the “modern” world. I had to head to Bangkok, where I’d leave a few days later to fly to The Philippines. I was definitely sad to leave the temple, feeling like I was making some progress […]

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Meditating With Pythons – This Time I Was Scared!

October 22, 2012

Lowering In The Snake

As I mentioned before, meditating in front of the dead body didn’t scare me. Luckily, there is another thing this temple offers to scare the crap out of you. Snakes! I wouldn’t say that I have a fear of snakes. While at Tayrona National Park in Colombia, I almost stepped on what I thought was […]

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Meditating In Front Of A Freshly Dead Buddhist Nun

October 18, 2012

The Body

After passing the first stage of meditation at the temple, you then take on another challenge.. I guess some context is due though. In both Laos and Thailand, people are very afraid of ghosts. Where kids in the U.S., for example, might be scared of monsters, Thai kids grow up afraid of ghosts. Monsters obviously […]

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My First Day Of Meditation – Discovering The Energy Within And Convulsing Uncontrollably

October 17, 2012

Having My Meditation Moment..

Meditation is at the core of Buddhism, at least it seemed that way to me. Your connection to god is found within, which you work on achieving through meditation. To be honest, I had never really meditated before visiting the temple. But I think there are many ways to meditate. Doing yoga in my apartment […]

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An Amazing Week At A Rural Thai Buddhist Temple

October 16, 2012

Ajon And I

When I couchsurfed at Michaela’s place in Prague, she could not stop ranting and raving about a temple she visited in Thailand. As I got closer to Thailand and more interested in spirituality, the more I found myself drawn to this place. In the next few posts, you’ll understand why this place is so amazing […]

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Making The Most Out Of Long Journeys: The Chiang Mai – Bang Mun Nak (Thailand) Experience

October 15, 2012

You Have to Look Out The Window At The Amazing Scenery

This post is about my 11-hour train ride from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Bang Mun Nak, Thailand. You might think there isn’t much to talk about, but I guess that’s the point. When traveling, but in normal life as well, you get what you make out of every sitation. So.. best to do your best […]

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Photo Friday – You’ve Been Warned – Bangkok, Thailand

October 12, 2012

You've Been Warned - Taken 9-Oct-2012 - Bangkok, Thailand

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Missing My Train And Making My Liver Smile

October 11, 2012

The Train Arriving At Chiang Mai Station

What do missing my train and getting to know my body better have in common? Well, I don’t want to hear your answer, actually.. On 20-Aug-2012 I was supposed to depart Chiang Mai for Bang Mun Nak to spend a week off the grid at a Buddhist Temple my Czech friend stayed at. The train […]

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When Thailand Gives You Lemons, Drink Filipino Lemonade In Nepal

October 10, 2012


As I mentioned in the previous post, Thailand only gave me a 15-day visa upon arrival since I entered by land. Had I entered by air I would have gotten a 30-day visa. So, as I recovered from the long journey on my first day in Chiang Mai, I had to figure out what to […]

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Laos To Thailand – A Typically Crazy Journey And An Unexpectedly (Bad) Surprise

October 9, 2012

Thai Visa For Only Two Weeks!

When traveling a certain amount of patience is required. I guess I made that point when I talked about my experience crossing the border from Costa Rica to Panama and again from Colombia to Venezuela. A similar patience-trying experience happened as I left Laos to come to Thailand. But before the journey gets underway, check […]

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