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Que Caro Es Ser Pobre/How Expensive It Is To Be Poor – Books

March 24, 2012

"The New Opportunity At The Base Of The Pyramid"

When I was volunteering at Maya Pedal in Guatemala there was a sign on the wall that said “Que Caro Es Ser Pobre”. It means “How expensive it is to be poor.” As I travel through many of the world’s “poor” countries, I am writing a series of articles about how expensive it is to be poor. […]

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Colombia To Ecuador – A Famous Church, Counterfeit Money, And Drugs

March 21, 2012

Counterfeit $10 Bill

I left Pasto at 8am with a belly full of breakfast-in-bed awesomeness courtesy of my amazing couchsurfing host Ana. I caught a bus to Ipialas, a city ten minutes from the Ecuadorian border. But if you are in the area, you have to go to Las Lajas to see the church. This part of the […]

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Pasto, Colombia – Unplanned Awesomeness On The Way Out Of Colombia

March 20, 2012


Pasto was a wonderful experience, though it’s a bit hard to describe. I hadn’t planned to go to Pasto. Upon finding out that it takes 16 hours to go from Popayan to Quito, Ecuador, I decided to stop in Pasto  to split up the journey a bit. My couchsurfing host Ana was nice enough to […]

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Popayan, Colombia – The White City

March 17, 2012

Popayan - The White City

Popayan is called The City Of White and you’ll see why in the pictures below. I met an entrepreneurial couple while in Guatape who own two hostels in Popayan. I contacted them to see if they’d be interested in getting a review while I can explore the town. They agreed! The city itself is relatively […]

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Indigenous Market In Silvia, Colombia – A Feast For The Eyes

March 14, 2012

The Guambiano People

In the small town of Silvia, Colombia a timeless scene plays itself out every Tuesday. People come in from the surrounding villages, sell their fruits, vegetables, meat, traditional medicine, and catch up on the latest news. I happened to be in Popayan so I rode the bus one hour to check out this beautiful scene […]

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Lunch Lost In Translation = Me Milking Myself

March 13, 2012

My Lactose-Free Lunch

On my first day in Popayan I decided to have a nice, sit down lunch at a local restaurant. The food here is quite cheap, so the prepared menu of the day lunch is only 3500 Pesos/$2. I asked what the menu of the day was. I didn’t understand one or two items she said, […]

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Volunteering With Fundacion Comeder de Altos de Menga

March 12, 2012

Alejandra's Big Heart In Action

While searching for a place to stay in Cali, Colombia, I contacted Alejandra to see if I could couchsurf with her for a few nights.  By the time she replied, someone else already agreed to host me. When I told her this, she said it was too bad but nevertheless invited me to join her […]

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Cali, Colombia – Chilling Out

March 10, 2012


I really don’t have much to say about Cali. It was the first time I was back in a big city after being robbed, so that was always in the back of my mind. I arrived in the afternoon on my first day there. My couchsurfing host Andrea picked me up at the bus station. […]

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Cocora Valley – Obscene Beauty, Humming Birds, And Palm Trees That Touch The Clouds

March 7, 2012

The Cocora Valley

On my second day in Salento we hiked up into the mountains and through the Cocora Valley! There was Ernesto, the hostel owner, a Colombian couple staying at the hostel, and a couple (one Spanish the other Swedish) we picked up along the way. Our guide was Jairo, a friend of Ernesto’s. To get there […]

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Salento, Colombia – A Small Town With A Lot To Offer

March 6, 2012

The Town (18)

Salento is a small town located very close to the beautiful Cocora Valley. The Cocora Valley has wonderful views and the world’s tallest palm trees – reaching heights of 70m/230ft! Right off the bat I want to share this beautiful scene I captured on video while walking down the street in Salento. It’s not that […]

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Pereira, Colombia – Recuperation, Farm, And A City

February 29, 2012

The Farm (2)

I arrived in Pereira by bus after being both robbed and sick the night before. I was still sick upon arrival, having had some salted crackers and watching them run right through me. Arriving In Pereira I stayed with Lina in Pereira and she was an amazing Couchsurfing host. She was, by far, the best […]

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Getting Sick In Colombia

February 27, 2012

Tent Accommodation

In my final night in Manizales, the same night I was robbed, I got pretty sick. Upon waking up at 4am, the last thing you want to think about is whether you have enough time to run to the bathroom. But that’s how things unfolded. Unfortunately, I had a few more bathroom sessions in the […]

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Manizales, Colombia – Cable Car, Coffee, And Latin America’s Ugliest Building

February 25, 2012

Old Metrocable

Even though it’s a relatively small town and I only spent a couple days in Manizales, I’ll never forget it. I got robbed for the second time there, I got sick, and I spent an amazing day on a coffee farm. This post will show some pictures of the city. Manizales, like Medellin, has a […]

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Getting Robbed Again.. This Time In Colombia.. This Time It Was Physical..

February 21, 2012

Me With The Police

On my final day in Manizales I walked around all day taking in the city. As the sun went down I debated whether I should head “home” or stay out a bit longer. I was in the Zona Rosa, or nightlife zone. It was a Friday night, though it was much too early for partying […]

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An Amazing Day On A Colombian Coffee Farm

February 20, 2012

Descending The Mountain

When I was in Medellin, I realized what a shame it would be if I came to Colombia and didn’t spend any time in the coffee region (zona cafetera).  So I started looking for opportunities in the three main cities: Manizales, Pereira, and Armenia. In Manizales, Juanita offered to host me and take me to […]

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My Christmas Present To Myself; What A Nightmare!

February 18, 2012

The Nightmare Package

It seemed like a good idea.. I knew an address where I’d be in the future and I could have my parents send a package to me. In reality, bad idea… As mentioned before, I did a pretty good job of packing for my trip. The only thing I feel is a bit of dead […]

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