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Costa Rica

Worst Border Crossing Yet – The Not-So-Welcome To Panama Experience

December 14, 2011

Welcome To Panama

Crossing the Costa Rica-Panama border was, by far, the worst border crossing experience I’ve had so far on The Happy Nomad Tour (well, in my life actually, but I think I’ve had good luck!). Leaving Cartago The day started with me getting up at 4am to leave Casa del Indio. I took a taxi in Cartago, […]

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Cartago, Costa Rica – Churches, Ruins, And Freezing

December 12, 2011


Cartago is the capital of the Costa Rican state by the same name. It’s known as the most religious place in Costa Rica and its Basilica de Los Angeles is effectively the national cathedral. Cartago is 22km/15mi from San Jose, so it’s quite easy to hop on a bus and make Cartago a day trip. […]

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Volunteering At Hogar de Pan Orphanage In Cartago, Costa Rica

December 10, 2011

Me And Maria

From the outside, Hogar de Pan looks like a normal house. There is no sign and nothing remarkable about it. But inside, it is a remarkable story. The orphanage was started by inspirational couple Victor and Melba. Their son was extremely sick 30 years ago and the doctor told them that he wouldn’t make it. […]

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Casa del Indio – An Inspirational House Full Of Stories, Character, and Love

December 7, 2011

Sign On House

It’s hard to explain what exactly Casa del Indio is. It was difficult for Chema (the friend I made in San Jose who introduced me to Casa del Indio) to explain it to me, and it’s hard for me now to explain what it is. For me, it’ll always be the savior of Thanksgiving 2011, […]

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Orphanage Rejection, Furry Guest, And First TV Appearance – What A Day!

December 5, 2011

Adam Pervez Appearance On

I started Tuesday, November 29th off by taking some pictures of this beautiful flower at Casa del Indio. Jilario, the superintendent, told me that it only blooms once a year and asked if I would take some pictures of it. I was happy to! It was while taking pictures of this flower that I saw […]

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Photo Friday – Butterfly Kindergarten – Cartago, Costa Rica

December 2, 2011

Caterpillars on a leaf in Costa Rica

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Homeless On Thanksgiving, But Rescued By Indians

November 30, 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving With New Friends

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of the family football game my mom’s side of the family does every year and the Thanksgiving meal. I don’t think of being homeless. I had planned to do a Thanksgiving meal for the awesome people I was couchsurfing with in San Jose, but nature intervened. A death […]

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Costa Rica’s Stunning, Natural Beauty

November 28, 2011

Dragon Fly

While staying in Londres, Costa Rica I had the pleasure of living in the Costa Rican countryside. The nature was wonderful and amazing. So many colors, smells, and textures, not to mention life literally everywhere. I truly felt like nature was in control there and I was just a guest. If left to its own, […]

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Volunteering At Finca Amanecer In Costa Rica, An Eco-Community

November 26, 2011

finca amanecer sign

I had the pleasure of volunteering at Finca Amanecer in Londres, Costa Rica for a week. Lots of things attracted me to this place. First, my communications with Elena, the owner, were fantastic from the start (a welcome change from my experience in Nicaragua). Its location was near the Pacific Ocean, but not on the […]

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Entering Costa Rica And The Green City Of San Jose

November 23, 2011

Green City

The journey from Managua, Nicaragua to San Jose, Costa Rica took 9 hours by bus. It was definitely a pleasant ride. Not too far from the border on the Nicaraguan side, I was very surprised to see a wind farm in operation. I didn’t realize there was much activity here in Central America, but maybe […]

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