Me And Maria

Volunteering At Hogar de Pan Orphanage In Cartago, Costa Rica

From the outside, Hogar de Pan looks like a normal house. There is no sign and nothing remarkable about it. But inside, it is a remarkable story. The orphanage was started by inspirational couple Victor and Melba. Their son was extremely sick 30 years ago and the doctor told them that he wouldn’t make it. […]
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Adam Pervez Appearance On

Orphanage Rejection, Furry Guest, And First TV Appearance – What A Day!

I started Tuesday, November 29th off by taking some pictures of this beautiful flower at Casa del Indio. Jilario, the superintendent, told me that it only blooms once a year and asked if I would take some pictures of it. I was happy to! It was while taking pictures of this flower that I saw […]
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