Waiting For Ayahuasca To Start Working

Ayahuasca – My First (And Probably Only) Experience With A Hallucinogenic Plant

As I mentioned in the post about rappelling down a waterfall, I didn’t really know what was going on or what to expect that day. I’d say that summarizes relatively well my ayahuasca experience. Melissa, the Peace Corps volunteer who helped me get in with the Tsachilas, told me they do ayahuasca ceremonies. ayahuasca is […]
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Rappelling Down The Waterfall

How “Let’s Visit A Waterfall” Turned Into Me Rappelling Down A Waterfall

On my second day with the Tsachilas, they said we’d visit a waterfall. Well, they told me lots of other things as well, but I didn’t fully understand what they said. I just knew that we’d be meeting two other Americans and we’d be going to a waterfall. Upon leaving, they told me it would […]
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Tsachila Body Painting

A Weekend With The Tsachilas – Indigenous, Spiritual, And Fellow Nomads

The Tsachilas are a nomadic group of about 4000 indigenous people from Colombia. They are famous for the men dying their hair red to protect against yellow fever, the white and black skirt men wear, the colorful skirt women wear, and their body tattoos. The word Tsachila means “real people” and that’s a very appropriate […]
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