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Dia Del Muerto (Day Of The Dead) In Honduras And El Salvador

November 6, 2011

Yoloaiquin Cemetery Pictures On Dia Del Muerto

I had the good fortune of being in Honduras on November 1st and El Salvador on November 2nd. This allowed me to get a glimpse into Dia del Muerto in both places. Although no one celebrates Dia del Muerto like the Mexicans, it was still interesting to see how the Hondurans and El Salvadorans do […]

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Volunteering With Cape Cares Medical Brigade In Honduras & Questioning Everything

November 5, 2011

Least Happy Dental Patient All Day

I met Valerie in Copan Ruinas. She was learning Spanish and I was volunteering with El Camino a la Superacion. She was awesome and there existed the possibility that she’d be in Tegucigalpa this past weekend volunteering with a medical brigade. In the end, she was much closer to where I am staying in El […]

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Building A Website & Installing A Solar Panel System – An Awesome Volunteering Experience In Honduras!

October 23, 2011

Looks good!

I was in Copan Ruinas, Honduras for about two weeks. I connected with Deborah, the founder of El Camino a la Superacion (The Walk To Overcome), via Couchsurfing when I was in Mexico. El Camino a la Superacion is a cooperative composed of indigenous Mayan women and their families. They make artistic goods and they […]

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Copan Ruinas, Honduras – Foreigners, Gunshots, And An Awesome Volunteering Experience

October 22, 2011

Me At Copan Ruinas Pyramid

It’s hard to explain Copan Ruinas. There is an amazing site showcasing Mayan ruins here, which is what attracts tourists. There is a thriving expat community here, all leaving/escaping something and finding a new start here. The town is charming and set in a bit of a tropical paradise, yet there is such a strong […]

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Photo Friday – Armed Delivery…To The Grocery Store – Copan Ruinas, Honduras

October 21, 2011

Armed Delivery ... To The Grocery Store

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Hope Cycle 3000 – Living One’s Passion And Building A School In Guatemala

October 17, 2011

Maria with bicycle

I met Maria Mihok in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. She was here temporarily for a conference, and I am here volunteering with El Camino a la Superacion. Maria’s story came out piece by piece as we hung out daily for about a week. As a teenager, she became addicted to drugs and was faced with two […]

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Macaw Mountain Bird Park – Natural Beauty Galore

October 15, 2011

Me with birds at Macaw Mountain Bird Park In Copan Ruinas Honduras (6)

After an adventure earlier in the day, that I’ll have to post after I leave Honduras for legal reasons (seriously), I went to Macaw Mountain Bird Park with some friends. It was amazing! The park is about 1.5 miles/2km from the city. It’s a bit of an uphill hike, but motor taxis/tuk tuks/rickshaws will happily […]

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Photo Friday – Can’t You See We’re Busy? – Copan Ruinas, Honduras

October 14, 2011

What Are You Looking At?

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