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Need help taking the plunge?

Take The Plunge With Me

Take The Plunge With Me

It’s not easy.  Let me tell you.  Having gone through the process from scratch myself, I can tell you firsthand that it requires more effort than you think. We often create so much complication in our lives in order to survive in this crazy world that the real you often never gets a chance at living.

It’s time to stop living to survive and start living to thrive. This site is a case study of what I advocate – making the decision to be happy. My decisions and ideal life probably won’t be anything like yours, but the process is the same. Let me help you escape the Matrix and start living a more healthy and fulfilling life.

How it works

Our first conversation is free.  It lasts 30 minutes and it’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other.  You can decide if this is something you’re interested in pursuing, and I can decide if I think I can help you.

In our first conversation, I will get your background information and understand what it is you want to accomplish.

Subsequent sessions will focus on you and your progress in achieving your goal(s).  I will offer concrete ideas and advice based on your story and circumstances.  You could be looking to strengthen your purpose pillar or creating a career out of your passions.  Regardless, I will help create a new you.


I find it extremely strange setting a value for my time. I want to coach because I think the more people there are out there pursuing their passions, the better this world will be. If I can help facilitate that in some way, how do you value that?

I don’t know despite having an MBA. Unfortunately, The Happy Nomad Tour requires money to survive, and any contribution you can make to keeping it going will be very much appreciated!

After the first session, which is free, pay me what you want for subsequent sessions.


Since I’m traveling, sessions will be conducted by phone or Skype depending on your preference and what is feasible for me.  Payment will be through Paypal.  You need not have a Paypal account.  An invoice can be sent to you by email after each session where you can pay what you want.


I am not a licensed therapist.

I believe I can help almost anyone take the plunge into a happier life, but by no means do I have a license to practice therapy. I’m only licensed in the field of happiness from the Adam Pervez Institute For Elevating Happiness.

Get in touch

Please send an email to [email protected] or fill in the form below and take the plunge with me!

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