A Crazy, Crazy Christmas In Burundi

July 7, 2014

Welcome To Burundi

It wasn’t my goal to spend Christmas in Burundi. But I found a free ticket using my frequent flier miles from Hargeisa, Somalia (Somaliland) to Bujumbura, Burundi on December 23rd, 2013. Burundi seemed as good a place as any to spend Christmas, so why not? I would arrive on December 24th due to an overnight […]

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Visiting A Camel Market In Hargeisa, Somalia

July 2, 2014

Smiling Camel - Taken 22-Dec-2013 - Hargeisa, Somalia

I had planned to go to Las Geel and Berbera while in Somaliland. There aren’t many touristy things to do, but seeing some early signs of civilization in majestic caves and seeing some shipwrecks off the Gulf of Aden would suffice. I had read online that I could go to Las Geel for about $80, […]

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Somalia – Lovely At Christmastime

June 30, 2014

He Asked Me To Take His Picture

“So wait, you went to Somalia..for fun..at Christmastime?” “Yes, I did.” It’s a conversation I’ve had far too many times since visiting Somalia in December 2013. This article will serve as a record of my experience, and perhaps a gentle nudge that you too should visit! I got to Somalia by taking a buses in […]

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Harar, Ethiopia – Holy Islamic City & Feeding Hyenas!

June 25, 2014

Feeding The Hyenas

Harar was an interesting place to visit after Lalibela. While Lalibela is an important city in Ethiopia’s Christian history, Harar is central to Ethiopia’s Muslim history. Considered the 4th holiest city in Islam (after Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem), Harar in many ways is a symbol of what could be. Muslims and Christians have been living […]

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Reveling In Ethiopia’s Cheap & Efficient Medical Care While Battling Infection

June 23, 2014


On my fourth and final full-day bus ride of the week I visited Lalibela, Ethiopia, I woke up knowing something was wrong with my stomach. It was the fourth time that week I had to get up at 4:30am and I knew my stomach didn’t like severe disruptions to my normal schedule (whatever that is). […]

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Lalibela – Some Of The World’s Most Amazing Churces

June 18, 2014

St George's Church

Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s most holy places.  Named after King Lalibela, this town contains some of the world’s most impressive churches. After Saladin captured Jerusalem, Lalibela built these churches. One group represents earthly Jerusalem, and the other represents heavenly Jerusalem. One of the first Europeans to see the churches, a Portuguese priest named Francisco […]

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Stuck In The Middle Of Ethiopia – 4 Days On Buses For One Day In Lalibela!

June 16, 2014

Pushing The Bus

When my friends in Lebanon convinced me that I had to go to Ethiopia, they specifically mentioned that I had to visit Lalibela. They said it was 1000 times more impressive than Petra. I hadn’t been to Petra yet, but that seemed a bit hard to believe! Well, like everything in life, the good things […]

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Helped By An Ethiopian Angel

June 11, 2014

With Layla, A Supremely Kind Ethiopian

On my first day in Ethiopia I wanted to be proactive and get visas for upcoming countries. First I went to the Djibouti Embassy. It took a while to find it. I knew the general area it was in, but I had to ask many, many random people on the street who all guided me […]

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Initial Impressions Of Beautiful Ethiopia

June 9, 2014

Africa Street In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia And A Belching Bus

I arrived in Ethiopia not really knowing what to expect. I knew very little about the country before I decided to come here. While I was in Lebanon my friends there kept ranting and raving about Ethiopia. I decided to come and I did a bit of preliminary research. The history seemed interesting. It was […]

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Not Getting Arrested At The Khartoum, Sudan Airport, Thankfully

June 4, 2014

My Personal Escort Through The Airport

I departed Ankara, Turkey for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in December 2013. It was a 13-hour overnight journey with stops in Istanbul and Khartoum, Sudan. While checking in for the flights in Ankara, the agent told me that they could only check my bag to Khartoum. My connecting flight was on Ethiopian Airlines and their system […]

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Adventure Underwear – Protecting Your Goods While Traveling

June 2, 2014

Adventure Underwear

For whatever reason, I get a lot of emails from people looking to promote products and services. I ignore most, but when Nigel from Adventure Underwear contacted me I saw great promise in what he had to offer! He invented underwear that was not only comfortable to wear, but also had waterproof pockets to safeguard […]

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Photo Friday – Baby Bird And Big Dog – Cleveland, OH, USA

May 30, 2014

Baby Bird And Big Dog - Taken 20-May-2014 - Cleveland, OH, USA

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Leaving Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport: “Pull Down Your Pants”

May 28, 2014

Pants down to ankles

I left very early from Jerusalem to go to Ben Gurion Airport with a nasty cold in tow. I was heavily questioned on the way in and expected the same on the way out. I caught a shared taxi at 6:30am and arrived at the airport at 8am for my 11:50am departure. I arrived about […]

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Nothing But Confusion In Israel

May 26, 2014


I’ve gone to many places and I often try to share what I’ve learned via this blog. When I got to Israel-Palestine I knew this wouldn’t work. I avoid controversy and seek consensus. This is impossible with the Israel-Palestine conflict, however. It’s too political. It’s a bit of a no-win situation, as no matter what […]

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Photo Friday – Lightning In The Sky – Cleveland, Ohio, USA

May 23, 2014


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Entering Israel – Worst Border Crossing Experience Yet

May 21, 2014

Welcome To Israel

Crossing into Israel from Jordan was one of the most [insert adjective of choice here] experiences of my journey so far. By far. Leaving Jordan My friend took me to the north bus station where I caught a shared taxi to the King Hussein Bridge crossing to Israel. I arrived and had no idea where […]

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Volunteering At Injaz – Conducting A Happiness Workshop

May 19, 2014

Speaking At Injaz

While in Amman, Jordan I had the opportunity to conduct a small happiness workshop for the employees of Injaz. Injaz works to empower youth to become productive members of society and succeed in the global economy. They believe in the potential of every youth and go to great lengths to unlock it. A friend of […]

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