Happy Laos

August 12, 2012

lao movie thumbnail

Liena Lacey is volunteering at Saoban, a store in the center of Vientiane, Laos that works with villages throughout Laos to produce fairtrade arts and crafts. By itself, this is a cool story and Liena, an Australian, is doing great things here. But there’s another project she’s helping out with that she so kindly shared […]

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What Does “Helping People” Mean?

August 11, 2012

help wanted

This is a question I always have in the back of my mind and the answer has changed over time. Back as a naive nomad when first starting out on this trip, I thought any kind of volunteering was positive, any effort to alleviate poverty was good, and education was the key to breaking the […]

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A Year Of Happy Nomad Touring – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

August 10, 2012

One Year Thumb

Today marks one year since I hit the road to start The Happy Nomad Tour. I think the picture below is worth 1000 words, kind of telling the whole story. The image on the left is from 10-Aug-2011, exactly a year ago today. The picture on the right is from this past week here in […]

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Photo Friday – Peaceful Morning Hula Hoop Exercise – Vietnam/Laos Border

August 10, 2012

Peaceful Morning Hula Hoop Exercise - Taken 1-Aug-2012 - Vietnam/Laos Border

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Singapore – My Gateway To Asia

August 9, 2012


I arrived in Singapore after my crazy Washington D.C.-London-Singapore flight. I had been there once before, in 2004, but only visited the airport. At the time, it was probably the most high-tech place I had ever been in my life. It was full of technology and I wondered what the city was like. Lifestyle Singapore […]

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Running Around London Between Flights – Literally Running

August 8, 2012

Lunch With A Great Friend

When I made my reservations to fly from the U.S. to Asia back in March, I had a few different options on how to get there. In all cases, leaving from Washington D.C., I had to transit somewhere to get to Singapore. Options included New York, London, Dubai, Tokyo, etc. The New York option would […]

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Becoming A North Carolinian… On Paper

August 7, 2012

ID Thumbnail

While at home I had to become a North Carolinian. Well, I think these labels identifying yourself are all artificial and distract you from who you really are. But, in order to change my address for my Danish bank to my parents’ address in North Carolina I had to register myself as a North Carolinian […]

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Falling In Love Past The Point Of No Return

August 6, 2012

How Can You Not Love Him?

I wrote last year, when I came home from Denmark before starting The Happy Nomad Tour, how it’s never too late to love man’s best friend. Nothing has changed there, but my love for man’s best friend has only deepened since getting home. My brother’s dog, named Cleveland after our hometown by my cousin, is […]

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30 Things I’ve Learned About Life As I Turn 30

August 5, 2012


Today I turn 30 years old. I’m definitely not interested in gifts, though a contribution to my Crazy Hair Fundraiser would be wonderful A few of the things I’ve learned so far in no particular order: We’re all the same on the inside and we all want the same things. Resist the urge to judge […]

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American Market Vs. Peruvian Market

August 4, 2012

Pig Head With Tongue Sticking Out

I went to a market in North Carolina and it really struck me how different markets are across the world. I was used to the markets of Latin America, and coming back to the U.S. was a bit of culture shock. Admittedly, the pictures from the Peruvian market are misleading. There are also fruit and […]

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Photo Friday – Vietnamese Countryside – Perfume River, Hue, Vietnam

August 3, 2012

Vietnamese Countryside - Taken 26-July-2012 - Hue, Vietnam

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Back At Home, Still A Foreigner

August 2, 2012

Making A Latin American Breakfast

After spending time promoting Wigs For Kids in Cleveland, I headed to North Carolina to be with my immediate family. I call myself a Happy Nomad, but even in the U.S. I was a nomad. My parents retired last year and moved down to North Carolina. I was with my mom last year when she […]

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Que Caro Es Ser Pobre – The Police Are The Problem, Not The Solution

August 1, 2012

police In Panama

When I was volunteering at Maya Pedal in Guatemala there was a sign on the wall that said “Que Caro Es Ser Pobre”. It means “How expensive it is to be poor.” As I travel through many of the world’s “poor” countries, I am writing a series of articles about how expensive it is to be poor. […]

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Kids Are No Longer Aliens – A Wonderful Afternoon With My Cousins

July 31, 2012

At A Mexican Restaurant

Before this trip I truly felt like kids were aliens. I didn’t understand them. One minute crying, the next minute laughing, the next crying, the next pooping. As an adult I hadn’t been around many children. I was the guy from the movies who, upon being told to hold a baby, extended his arms outward […]

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Cleveland – Not The Pile Of Excrement I Remembered Or Expected

July 30, 2012

City Of Cleveland From The Air

Something strange happened when I got home, something I never thought would happen – my love for Cleveland increased. For my international friends and readers, I have to explain that Cleveland is not exactly the most up and coming city in the U.S. We may have invented Rock and Roll, but Cleveland is a city […]

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It’s Hard To Try New Things – Especially Spam

July 28, 2012

Spam - Meat In A Can

When I got home I kind of settled in to the familiar routine. Despite staying with my uncle in Cleveland in an apartment I had never been to before, I still found myself automatically switch gears a bit to “home” mode. Of course, my life now is completely different from what life used to be when […]

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