Change Your Paradigm – Be A Filter

January 26, 2014


There’s more to life than the American Dream we’ve been sold. In this series I present an alternative way to view the world and your surroundings. There is so much out there to experience, enjoy, and incorporate into our lives. It’s all there for the taking, but getting there is the hard part. In this […]

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Photo Friday – Lazy Leopard Napping In A Tree – Serengeti, Tanzania

January 24, 2014

Lazy Leopard Napping In A Tree - Taken 15-Jan-2014 - Serengeti, Tanzania

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A Week In Armenia

January 21, 2014

Old Armenian Orthodox Church

I headed to Armenia with a very specific mission: speak at TEDxYerevan. My first full day in Yerevan was spent at the rehearsal and my second day was the event itself. Unfortunately, I spent so much time preparing for the speech that I didn’t really pay any attention to what to see and do in […]

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Speaking At TEDxYerevan

January 19, 2014

Giving My Speech

I had the privilege of speaking at TEDxYereavn on September 14, 2013. It was an incredible experience for so many reasons. It was the biggest platform I’ve had to date to share my story and try and inspire people to pursue happiness and “take the plunge” in their own way. I shared four tips to […]

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Photo Friday – Nursing Orphaned Elephants Back To Health – Nairobi, Kenya

January 17, 2014

Nursing Baby Elephants Back To Health - Taken 10-Jan-2014 - Nairobi, Kenya

For more information, check out

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Kazbegi, Georgia – Mountain Bliss On Russia’s Doorstep

January 14, 2014

Jumping For Joy

My friend here in Georgia, Teona, asked me if I wanted to go to Kazbegi. Of course! I had no idea where it was or what was there, but it had a nice ring to it. So we started off with friend Bako and Teona’s parents in tow. It took about 2.5 hours to get […]

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Tbilisi, Georgia – Food, Friends, And Fascination

January 12, 2014

Ajarian Khachapuri

Though I called it Tblisi instead of Tbilisi for weeks until my friend corrected me, I really fell for this city and country. The drivers are a bit insane and the weather was quite crazy while I was there (random rain showers, very high winds), but it didn’t distract me from the beauty that is […]

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Photo Friday – Kenyan Sunrise – Eldoret, Kenya

January 10, 2014

Kenyan Sunrise - Taken 7-Jan-2014 - Eldoret, Kenya

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Alternative Ukrainian Cafes – Time, Not Consumption

January 7, 2014

The Cafe

In Odessa and in Kiev I had the pleasure of finding cafes built on a completely different model than is typical. Most cafes charge you for what you consume. It’s reasonable and what we’d expect. It’s not the only way a cafe can operate though. In Odessa I found one such cafe. I walked in […]

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Kiev, A Beautiful And Colorful Capital

January 5, 2014

St Sophia's Cathedral

Kiev was the last city I visited in Ukraine. I had a flight from there to Kutaisi, Georgia. I was there at the end of August (2013) and my stay there was mixed with incredible scenery, horrid coldness, and diarrhea. Ukraine was difficult to understand. Apart from the west of the country, it seemed like […]

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Photo Friday – Delicate Balancing Act – Kampala, Uganda

January 3, 2014

Delicate Balancing Act - Taken 31-Dec-2013 - Kampala, Uganda

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The Joy Of Crossing Borders

December 31, 2013

Welcome To Panama

In airports it’s all the same. They have the same sterile environment, the same shops, the same security paranoia. Land borders is where it’s at. What a great feeling it is to enter a country on foot. Some borders show no outward signs of change, crossing from Germany to Austria with minimal or no change […]

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Odessa – Green, Beach, Beautiful Buildings, Beautiful People

December 29, 2013


I could feel Odessa was going to be a great experience from my arrival. I called Vladamir, a friend of a friend of a student who was in the audience during this speech who told me if I ever went to Odessa she’d make sure everything was taken care of. He was close by and […]

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Photo Friday – Smiling Camel – Hargeisa, Somalia

December 27, 2013

Smiling Camel - Taken 22-Dec-2013 - Hargeisa, Somalia

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A Weekend In Chisinau Moldova

December 24, 2013

Cathedral Flag And Monument

Moldova. What images does this country generate in your mind? No really, I’m curious. For me, I had no idea what to expect at all. Moldova was the 69th country I visited, yet there are still so many places that I don’t have any idea about, places I can’t picture ahead of time. In this […]

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How The Happy Nomad Tour Rolls – Eating Alone

December 22, 2013

Eating Alone In Erbil, Iraq

Many people have asked me how I could just leave my job and seemingly travel perpetually. How can I afford it? How do you find places to stay for free all the time? How do you find places to volunteer? All questions I’ve received by email, and now I’m sharing the secrets in a series […]

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