Hungary Won’t Let Me Escape – An Unplanned Day In Miskolc, Hungary

December 7, 2013

Beautiful Train Station At Sunset

Oh Hungary. Such mixed opinions about this place. It’s home to two of my favorite people, but the Hungarian Post left a permanent sour taste in my mouth. After spending a month in Debrecen, Hungary’s second biggest city, waiting for my camera to be delivered, I finally cut my losses and bought a new one so […]

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Photo Friday – Village And City Life Collide – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

December 6, 2013

Village And City Life Collide - Taken 5-Dec-2013 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Everything Happens For A Reason – Even Month-Long Delays In Hungary

December 1, 2013

Yukimi And I

Despite my angst at having to wait a month in Hungary to get my camera back from Sony, which ended up not happening, something great happened at the end of my stay here! On a Friday evening I got a message from a Japanese friend I went to business school with. She all of a […]

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Photo Friday – The World’s Most Contested Piece Of Land – Jerusalem, Israel

November 29, 2013

The World's Most Contested Piece Of Land - Taken 20-Nov-2013 - Jerusalem, Israel

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An Unexpectedly Awesome 31st Birthday

November 26, 2013

The RONCS Bar In Debrecen, Hungary

I thought I would spend my birthday in Ukraine or maybe Slovakia. But due to my excessive wait for a resolution to my camera drama, I ended up spending it in Debrecen, Hungary. I fully expected to spend it alone, which I was ok with. But when you least expect it, some unexpected awesomeness has […]

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Debrecen, Hungary – Home For Far Longer Than Expected

November 24, 2013

Debrecen Botanical Garden

I never expected to stay more than a couple days in Debrecen. In the end, thanks to my camera drama, I stayed for about four weeks. I am very lucky to have an amazing friend in Debrecen attending medical school there. I met Sahaja at Ohio State many years ago and our paths keep on […]

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Photo Friday – Pray For Peace – Jerusalem (Jesus’s Tomb)

November 22, 2013

Pray For Peace - Taken 20-Nov-2013 - Jerusalem (Jesus's Tomb)

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My 3-Continent Camera Drama Extraordinare

November 19, 2013


I’ve had good luck with my technology while on the road, but that came to a screeching halt this year. When I returned home in December I got a new camera – the DSC-HX30V. My previous camera was on its last leg and it served me well for the over 40,000 pictures it took. The […]

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Budapest – A Tale Of Two Mindsets, 2006 and 2013

November 17, 2013

Hungarian Parliament

I first visited Budapest in 2006. It came at a tough point in my life. I had been working for the oil services company for two years at that point. I didn’t have much of a direction for my life. I knew I wasn’t happy and if I didn’t make a change I would perpetuate […]

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Photo Friday – Desert Parking Lot – Wadi Rum, Jordan

November 15, 2013

Desert Parking Lot - Taken 8-Nov-2013 - Wadi Rum, Jordan

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Some Places Feel Better Than Others

November 12, 2013


Have you ever arrived in a place and felt something? Maybe you felt great; maybe you felt like something was off. Maybe you felt nothing; maybe you felt “at home.” It’s hard to isolate this feeling from your own internal biases. Maybe a place feels like home because you’ve lived there your whole life. Maybe […]

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Goodbye Cyprus

November 10, 2013

I Love Cyprus

What can you say about a place so near and dear to your heart? I arrived in Cyprus with the intention of recuperating after my frequent health problems (aka diarrhea) in India. I wanted to see if this island, which I visited once before in 2006, could be a home. And I wanted to visit […]

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Photo Friday – Gateway To Another World – Petra, Jordan

November 8, 2013

Gateway To Another World - Taken 7-Nov-2013 - Petra, Jordan

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Discovering My First Gray Hairs

November 5, 2013

My First Gray Hair

I was walking around the castle in Limassol, Cyprus when I felt a familiar instinct kick in: must..find..bathroom. Ya, it was kind of like diarrhea and luckily I was near a free public bathroom. My gastrointestinal tract suffers when I’m stressed, tired, or nervous, and I happened to be nervous about meeting a special girl […]

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Working With A Breathworker For The First Time

November 3, 2013


While in Cyprus I had the opportunity to work with a breathworker for the first time. To summarize, breathworkers help people connect within (the soul, cousciousness, whatever you want to call it) and work through their issues. It’s all natural, no plants or drugs are used, and it’s truly something to experience. There are many […]

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Photo Friday – Floating Above Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon

November 1, 2013

Floating Above Beirut - Taken 30-Oct-2013 - Beirut, Lebanon

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Cyprus – Nature’s Playground

October 29, 2013

Green And Beautiful Cyprus (46)

How is it possible that in one place cacti (desert environment), citrus (Mediterranean environment), and bananas (tropical environment) can grow? I don’t know. But the results are stunning. I apologize for the sheer number of images, but I couldn’t help myself. Cyprus is outrageously beautiful and this was the only way to tell the story. […]

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