Welcome To NIcaragua

The 12-Hour Journey To Nicaragua – Being Adopted By A Salvadoran Family and Managua Chaos

I got up at 3:20am since the pickup truck would be ready to take me down the hill to Yoloaiquin at 4am. I packed the last of my belongings and at 4am and started a really long journey to Nicaragua. The route included taking chicken buses from Yoloaiquin to highway “dieciocho” or “18” and then […]
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Me And The Family Outside The Internet Cafe

A Kind Gesture Representative Of A Great Nation – Leaving El Salvador On A Great Note

When I was in Yoloaiquin, El Salvador I had a daily routine of going down the mountain in the morning to town. I’d use the “ciber”, pronounced “see-bear”, or internet café. There were only two to chose from. One only had three computers, had no wireless, and was constantly full with little kids playing games. […]
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Me With The Class

Que Caro Es Ser Pobre/How Expensive It Is To Be Poor – Education

When I was volunteering at Maya Pedal in Guatemala there was a sign on the wall that said “Que Caro Es Ser Pobre”. It means “How expensive it is to be poor.” As I travel through many of the world’s “poor” countries, I am writing a series of articles about how expensive it is to be poor. I don’t think […]
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