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Cusco, Peru – The Best Belly Button In The World

I had high expectations for Cusco. It’s the gateway to Peru’s Inca past and a must-visit for all travelers to Peru.

I intentionally published this article about Cusco after all the other articles about Cusco’s have posted. I think they, more than anything I can say here, tell the story. Cusco is amazing on its own, but the city itself is also very beautiful – much more beautiful than I expected.

In reality, I had very little time in the city – just a few hours to sightsee my first day there. Between Machu Pichu and the tours I took, I didn’t have any other time in Cusco during the day.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute in Cusco. By the way, Cusco comes from the Quechua word Qosco meaning belly button. It was the middle of the Inca Empire, hence the belly button reference.

Below are pictures from Cusco, but first, a life-changing drink. In Cusco I tried a mango+lucuma juice at a store called Yajuu (pronounced Yahoo.. very original) and it was amazing. You’ll be hearing more about this in the future, but this started an obsession that stayed with me the rest of my time in Peru.

Yajuu - Creators Of Mango + Lucuma Obsession

Yajuu – Creators Of Mango + Lucuma Obsession

Yajuu - Creators Of Mango + Lucuma Obsession

Yajuu – Creators Of Mango + Lucuma Obsession

And now, the pictures…

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