The word diet spelled out in vegetables on a wooden board.

Go On An Information Diet

The word diet spelled out in vegetables on a wooden board.If you didn’t read a newspaper or turn on the TV or use the internet (with the exception of reading this blog, of course!) over the next seven days, what is the worst that could happen?  Really.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You don’t know what’s happening?  You’ll miss episodes of your favorite TV shows and a few sporting events?  Then what?

Challenge yourself to go on an information diet for seven days and see what it feels like to disconnect and live life for yourself.  This won’t be for everyone, but for some I think it’ll be an amazing experience.

If you are worried about missing important news stories, your friends and colleagues will probably bring them up in conversation.  If not, just say “I’ve been so busy the past few days.  Anything going on that I missed?”  Probably nothing juicy is happening.

With all the extra time you otherwise spend on the internet or watching TV you can pursue some of your passions.  Maybe it would be catching up on reading a novel, working in the garden, or playing with the kids.  It could be anything, but I am convinced you’ll be surprised how much more time the day seems to have without these distractions.

After the seven days are up, feel free to go back to normal life.  But carry over the lessons learned if there were any.  Maybe you decide to watch less TV or maybe you realized in that one week that you enjoy gardening much more than you expected.  Use these seven days as a chance to reconnect with yourself and pursue things that you love and enjoy.

Doing this diet once every three months will keep the lessons learned fresh in your mind and you can use these weeks, to try out new hobbies or experiences since you have more time to do so.  You might be amazed at what you discover!

Do you ever go on an information diet and use the time to reconnect with yourself?  Share your story below!

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