The Three Pillars - Purpose, Health, and Love

Simply put, the Happiness Plunge is making the decision to be happy and diving headfirst into a new, happier life.

The Happiness Plunge breaks down into four stages:

  1. Looking within to figure out what you are dissatisfied with in your current life and what you’d like to change
  2. Planning how to create this new life
  3. Taking the plunge
  4. Keeping motivated and learning how to be content

In this blog, I offer advice on each of these stages.  I am also in the middle of taking my own plunge into happiness, so I also serve as a case study.  I want to show through my own life that what I advocate is real and can be achieved by everyone.  I am pursuing a life that maximizes what I am passionate about, and I explain how you can do the same.

The diagram below shows the Happiness Plunge visually, displaying the dissatisfaction gap between the life we’ve accepted and the life we actually want. Taking the plunge allows you to close that gap and live the life you’ve created for yourself based on a solid foundation of your passions and purpose.

dissatisfaction happiness plunge diagram

Why it works

Everyone can be happy.  Happiness is a state of mind one chooses to be in.  It is a prism one must install to see the world for its positivity instead of its negativity.  There is plenty to be negative and depressed about.  Yet some people just seem to be naturally content and happy.  For some, this prism is a gift bestowed upon them at birth.  But for others, the journey of creating and installing their own prism can be a lifelong battle.  This is analogous to people who never exercise and are able to run a 5K compared to others who train for weeks or months to achieve the same.  Some have gifts, others need to work hard building skills.  I wasn’t born with these skills and this site is where I share what I’ve learned while building up my own skills.


Most people are too afraid to take the steps necessary to achieve their own happiness.  When supporting oneself or one’s family, deciding to take the plunge to be happy could be terrifying.  It need not be though.  If you believe in yourself and plan properly, you can accomplish anything.  The site is based on me and my ideas for now, but in time I hope to turn it into a community of empowerment where people regularly share their stories of their progress in taking the plunge and success stories.

Untapped potential

An unhappy life is an unproductive life.  If you aren’t happy living the life you’re living then you aren’t offering those around you and society at large your full potential.  Every life has a purpose.  It’s up to you to find what your purpose is and truly embody it to make the world a better place.

What are you meant to do?

Making a radical change in your life to live more happily sounds scary, but I can guarantee that it isn’t as scary as you think once you start the internal conversation that precedes the plunge.  Asking yourself the right questions, like why you are here and what you want to accomplish with your life, often never happen in the course of a normal life.  By taking a moment to ask yourself these important questions and being honest with yourself, you can better figure out what it is you are meant to do.  When you figure out what you are meant to do, taking the plunge will feel like the only logical thing to do.


The Three Pillars - Purpose, Health, and Love

The Three Pillars – Purpose, Health, and Love

Life is about achieving a balance among three attributes: health, purpose, and love.  Health and love are self-explanatory.  Your purpose is what you are meant to do and why you are alive.  Think of each of these pillars as a leg on a tripod.  Each leg can be adjusted to the correct length so the camera is flat and level.  It sounds easy, but now imagine that you are in an earthquake.  The ground is trembling and waves of energy are hitting each leg at different times, creating an imbalance.  But that earthquake is life!  So much unpredictability and things beyond our control that we need to deal with.  Learning how to achieve and maintain balance among your health, purpose, and love in your ever changing life requires patience and practice.  But balance allows you to take the coal that life throws at you and turn it into a diamond.

What are you waiting for?

No matter where you are in your own Happiness Plunge you can get something out of this site.  Start engaging the community here by reading and commenting on articles and  submitting your own story!

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