empowering-others-to-achieve-successI really want this blog to be a forum where we can encourage and empower each other.

Part of that includes hearing stories from all the readers out there! There is so much knowledge out there and I can only present what I’ve learned and experienced. Reader’s stories can truly enrich this site and offer inspiration on an even higher level. They are the gold on this site, whereas what I write is aluminum at best! 🙂

So please fill in the form below. I’d really like you to add your name and email address, but if you want to submit your story anonymously that’s ok. Of course, your email address only comes to me and would never be shared or published. I will contact you before any material is published as well.

In crafting stories, I recommend a summary of what life used to be like, what caused you to question things, how you took action, and what the results have been. But you are free to submit anything you want.

Please submit your story and let’s all benefit as a community!
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