Cambodia In Pictures

Cambodia is an amazing and beautiful country.

Below are some of my favorite pictures, which can, in a small way, tell the story of this beautiful country.

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  1. Dan @ TeacherGig
    Dan @ TeacherGig says:

    Loved the photos… Especially how you started with the grumpy girl. And those temples! Talk about ornate. I loved the designs (the more modern temples… I’ve seen so many pic of Angkor Wat that I think I can only be moved if I go see them for myself).

    Thanks for sharing these photos. Between the street scenes, the temples, and the land mines, it seemed like a cross section of Cambodian life. I’ve been looking at places to travel on my next vacation, and your photos aren’t making it easy. There are too many places I want to see! But thanks for sharing all the same. 😉


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