Sunrise Over Bagan

Sunrise Over Bagan

I arrived in Bagan at 5am without a hotel reservation. Bad move, but after 30 minutes on a horse cart going from place to place, I was lucky enough to find a place to stay.

After that was all settled, it was time to head off by horse cart to take in the sunrise over this historic city.

You can also pay $300 to see the sunrise in a hot air balloon as you’ll see below. I opted for the free version though 🙂

Below are some pictures of the beautiful sunrise over this historic city. More to come about Bagan in another article.

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  1. Charu
    Charu says:

    Lovely photos! I’ve been eager to visit Myanmar after all the buzz, and I’ve certainly seen these hot air balloons float over the country like bubbles in other pictures. Sunrise seems very special there. Thanks for sharing!


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