My goal as a human being is to give the world more than I took from it. When you work with me, you get the dedication and drive that underlies such a lofty but achievable goal. If there is a project I can help with please contact me and let’s get started!

CSR Consulting

Are you a company that wants to do good in the world, to be a responsible corporate citizen? Too often companies throw money at CSR initiatives that benefit no one. Companies look at it from a marketing point of view, starting at positive publicity and working backward from there.

With A Class Of Students In Yoloaiquin, El SalvadorI have the educational qualifications in the form of an MBA from top-ranked IE Business School to start or transform a CSR strategy right for your organization. I can translate the mission, vision, and values of your organization into actually making a measurable difference.

Beyond my educational qualifications, I have been volunteering my way around the world since August 2011. I’ve worked in villages too remote for Google Maps, lived at the bottom of the pyramid, and poured my heart and soul into projects designed to alleviate the suffering of humanity. You can call it fieldwork, but in reality this is my life.

I live with one foot in the developed world and the other in the developing world, with one foot in the business world and the other in the non-profit world. Let me be your bridge between these worlds, to do good while doing business.



Speaking To Students In PeruI love speaking to students. I was one not too long ago. I can connect with undergraduate and graduate students alike, having pursued an engineering undergraduate degree and an MBA. I understand the thoughts and concerns in bright, young minds. The world is changing faster than ever before, and I can inspire them to think outside the box, find their fit, and change the world in their own way.

  • Welcoming Events [target: undergraduates, graduates, MBAs] – When just getting started, students are full of optimism, nervous energy, and doubt. I offer tips for them to make the most out of their university experience sharing the stories of the inspirational people I’ve met during The Happy Nomad Tour. These people who are changing the world in their own way on the smallest of budgets remind us that the heart speaks volumes louder than the wallet. I encourage students to look within their hearts, discover their passions, and use their time in school to build a happier life pursuing their passions.
  • Graduation Events [target: undergraduates, graduates, MBAs] – As students prepare to enter or re-enter the “real” world, I inspire them to persevere and achieve their dreams amidst their jaded peers. I remind them to look within and not let go of the idealistic dreams they developed as children. I remind them it’s not too late to pursue their dreams and it’s never too late to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Life of service [target: anyone] – Having volunteered my way around the world, serving others in a variety of capacities, I can inspire students to incorporate this mindset into their lives. At our core, we instinctively want to help others but often don’t know how to start, how to do something meaningful. I can motivate students, sharing the numerous stories of inspirational people from this journey while also sharing tips to incorporate service into their lives.

Corporate Events

There are a variety of ways I could supercharge a corporate event. Please get in touch and let’s work together.

Career/Life Coaching

On a limited basis I take on clients and help them achieve their goals in life, namely the goal of being happier. I help propel them along in the Happiness Plunge process and offer counseling to help them reach their full potential. If you are interested in getting more out of life, please get in touch and let’s get started!