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Life In The Slower Lane

Nyhavn in CopenhagenI saw the video below recently and really enjoyed it. I lived in Copenhagen last year while I was looking for jobs in Scandinavia and I loved how bike-friendly the city is. You can really get around safely on two wheels, even in small towns like the one I currently live in.

I bike heart copenhagenParents ride with their children in a small compartment up front or in a child seat behind, CEOs pedal to work, and students pedal to school. It is truly wonderful to see. Besides the obvious exercise benefits, there are environmental benefits as well.

The Danish example is being exported to other cities, and I’ve seen London and New York start implementing bike lanes – or “Copenhagenize.” New York has a bit of work to do though, as you can see in this funny Youtube video.

I share this story because I never realized how much I enjoyed cycling until I came to Denmark. Even when it was 15F and snowing in the winter, I really didn’t wish I was driving to work instead.

The Danish model works because the infrastructure is in place, and cars are heavily, heavily taxed (such that a $25,000 car costs about $60,000 after all the taxes are accounted for).

If you build it, they will come.

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