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Two Pervez’s Retire Today

me and momToday is my last day at Siemens. But more importantly, my wonderful mom is retiring today!

It was a complete coincidence. I set the June 30th departure date first. She was planning to retire 11-11-11 since she started working at her hospital 8-8-88, but in the end she moved the date up. We realized we had the same last day afterwards.

[update: My dad retired on 11-11-11.. 🙂 ]

As my parents will be moving to another state to retire, we are both in for a bit of an adventure over the coming months.

I am leaving Denmark and flying back to the US tomorrow. I’ll post more about my departure tomorrow – what I’ve learned, what I’ll miss, and what I’m looking forward to.

Until then, another Photo Friday will be posted bright and early tomorrow morning!

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