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The Happy Nomad Tour Anthems

A year ago I wrote a post about my anthems in life.

Although those songs still hold true, some new songs have taken on some meaning as well. Below you can see some new anthems I’ve incorporated into my life as a result of The Happy Nomad Tour.

Makes Me Feel Thankful

This song kept coming up on my playlist. First it was when sailing from Panama to Colombia. Then it made me sad when I missed a wedding on the 150th day of The Happy Nomad Tour.

But yes, in many ways I feel like I’m the luckiest guy alive, truly living the good life and doing anything and everything in my power so others can live the good life too.

Every Day Is A Beautiful Day

I’m not sure how you can listen to this song and not get some positive energy out of it. It’s not my medicine for a bad day, but when the song comes on it gives me some good vibes and makes me remember what’s important in life.

On this trip I’ve gotten in much better touch with nature. When I hear this song I picture green rolling hills, a blue sky, birds flying overhead, etc. Nature is awesome and infinitely beautiful.

Wake Up And Live

I was somewhat familiar with Bob Marely’s music before this trip. As the trip has progressed I’ve grown to appreciate his music and his messages more. Many of his songs strike a chord with me, but this one especially.

It’s not one of his big hits, but the message is perfect – “Wake Up And Live.” So many people are alive, but not living. This song reminds us to really live and be alive. Live each day to its fullest and rediscover the power within yourself.

My Heart

I’ve discovered on this trip that although I can listen to modern pop/rock music and like it, nothing connects with my heart and soul like traditional music. I love African drums, Chinese harps, Arabic ouds, acoustic singing with a guitar, and, last but not least, pan flute music from Peru.

It’s hard to pick just one so I picked a well-known song played with a pan flute. Lovely.

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