Cordillera Blanca

From Snow To Mountain Greenery To Desert Hotness – A Bus Trip With A Little Of Everything Earth Has To Offer

Getting from Yauya to Lima was a 20-hour a process.

First, there was the night bus from Yauya to Huaraz. You leave Yauya at 9pm and arrive in Huaraz at 5am. Along the way you pass through the Cordillera Blanca. At 4800m/3 miles high, you are right in the thick of the mountain snow. The bus has no heat, so you have to put on as much clothing as possible and cover yourself with a blanket.

Minor Misspelling In The Bus Station

Minor Misspelling In The Bus Station

Once in Huaraz I had a ton of options to get to Lima. The only bad thing was that none were open near where I arrived. It was too early in the morning. Out of safety reasons and since it was cold, I caught a taxi and went to the bus company that Consuelo recommended to me. They were open, though the bus didn’t leave until 9:30am – four hours of waiting.

I should point out that in many Peruvian cities, Lima included, there are no bus terminals. Each company has its own office and buses leave from there. I guess it works, but it’s not nearly as convenient as a terminal for travelers.

At 9:30am I caught the bus from Huaraz, altitude 3200m/2 miles, to Lima, altitude 0m/0ft.

The pictures below speak for themselves in terms of the beauty and biodiversity of the journey.

Peru = Awesome.

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