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Liloan – Filipino Countryside At Its Best

Nancy And I In Norway In 2010

Nancy And I In Norway In 2010

For me, the best part of traveling is the people I meet along the way. And Nancy is one such story.

I met Nancy in Stavanger, Norway in 2010. At the time I was traveling around Scandinavia doing networking to try to find a job. I was Nancy’s first couchsurfing guest and she was one of my first hosts.

She is Filipino and was studying at the time. She is just a totally, awesomely nice person.

When I decided all of a sudden to go to The Philippines I got in touch with Nancy. We were friends on Facebook, but hadn’t been in fantastic contact over the past two years.

Her reply was amazing, a preview of the Filipino niceness and warmness that was to come.

She gave me some tips and also gave me the complicated instructions on how to get to her parents’ village from Cebu. She didn’t ask if I wanted to go. She just told me I had to go before September 10th.

So, of course I heeded her instructions and went to Liloan to meet her parents and extended family!


Liloan is a small town straddled on both sides by the sea in the Filipino countryside. It has a rural feel, with people going to bed early and getting up early. For example, there was a church next to the house and they blasted mass from the loudspeakers at 4am.

The house was beautiful. It was right next to the sea, which was so clean and transparent. I felt like I was back in the Caribbean. Just so picturesque and beautiful.

The View From The House

The View From The House

Thermal Baths

On my first full day in Liloan, the family I stayed with booked a big jeepney to take all the family members on a special field trip. We ere hitting the countryside to visit some surrounding villages, including the village where the family’s mom’s dad grew up.

So, it was a very special and sentimental day for everyone, and a day full of amazing Filipino scenery for me.

Unfortunately, the weather stunk and it rained.

However, we visited a thermal bath as well. I have visited The Blue Lagoon in Iceland, but that lagoon is naturally 37C/98F. This thermal bath was way, way hotter.

So when we got there, the guys blocked a part of the river so that the naturally hot water from the lagoon could mix with the cold river water to create a comfortable, jacuzzi-like atmosphere. I don’t know how hot the water is naturally as I didn’t have a thermometer on me, but it had to be near boiling. I couldn’t keep my finger in for more than a second.

Besides being an awesome lagoon, the surrounding greenery is, like the rest of the Philippines, ridiculously beautiful.

Coconut Farm

We also went to a coconut farm nearby to enjoy a special Filipino beverage made by mixing the coconut water with the white fleshy interior plus condensed milk and sugar. Amazing!

In reality, it was just a relaxing afternoon spent with family and friends along the picturesque beach. At least that’s what it was for me. For them it was just Thursday 🙂

First, check out the Filipino Spiderman climbing up the tree to get the coconuts! Then pictures below.


I’m not a big fan of seafood. But living next to the sea means lots of seafood options! I live under the motto of trying anything once, so I tried some new seafood as you can see below.


I don’t think I adequately expressed it, but I truly had a wonderful time in Liloan. It was such a breath of fresh air after Cebu. Being surrounded by beautiful people, beautiful scenery, and so much to learn and discover… It was truly wonderful.

Below the amazing people who took care of me and ensured I had a fabulous time! Thanks to Tita, Ingolf, and Aunt Rolette.

Me And Aunt Rolette

Me And Aunt Rolette

Tita, Ingolf, and I

Tita, Ingolf, and I

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  1. Kenji Cheow
    Kenji Cheow says:

    What an amazing trip. Have to agree that meeting people along the way is always the most interesting part.
    Btw, the picture of lychee is actually rambutan.Hehe


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