Coming Alive Through Music

There are many fuels that propel us through our days and through life. There’s knowledge/learning for our minds, food for our bodies, and love for our souls.

Another fuel, though, is music. I’ve shared my own anthems and the anthems for the Happy Nomad Tour. The more I travel, the more I see how central music is to the human experience and I said as much in the 30 things I’ve learned about life as I turned 30 (and I stand by my Lady Gaga/Akon comment!).

I saw the video below this week and it speaks so much to the complexity of the mind and to the power of music. The man is reawakened through music, opened up from the inside so strongly that his illness just can’t keep him down. Please take a look.

“What does music do to you?”

“It gives me the feeling of love.”

Beautiful. What kind of music do you have in your life?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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