Many people have emailed me asking how I could go from top MBA program to top renewable energy company to happy nomad. This is the third post in a series of short posts explaining the steps I went through in recognizing that I wasn’t living the life I wanted, how I tried to unsuccessfully fix it, and how I ultimately came up with my new plan and took the plunge – in other words, how I went from corporate tool to nomadic idealist.  Click here to see all the posts in this series. Hopefully parts of my story will resonate with you if you are considering your own plung

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After I came back from Prague, I knew my new adventure had to include traveling and writing in some way. But travel writers are a dime a dozen. So what to do?

And then I realized that I had identified two important passions of mine: traveling and writing. What other passions do I have?

After a lot of thought and contemplation, I realized my other passions include learning/teaching, helping others, and telling stories. Now we’re talking! I could build a story, a whole new life, around these five passions and not get bored or lose interest.

I brainstormed ideas for website domain names, what kind of a trip to take, etc. But the main point is that for the first time in a long time I felt alive. I felt excited and enthusiastic. I had a purpose, goals, and a new adventure. I am often someone who loses interest in things quickly, but the determination and focus I had in building the website and working on everything was something I have never experienced before. It was intense!

I’ve written these seven posts to show that there were several random things happening in my life that helped shape my plunge. I decided to make a change and then I was suddenly surrounded by all of this inspiration. But the inspiration was always there. I just wasn’t opening my eyes and seeing it.

There is no perfect time to take the plunge. The stars will never align perfectly. Instead, you have to go out and do the work and make it happen.

In my case, I had to figure out what I am passionate about and the rest was easy. In your case you might already know in your heart what a life built on purpose and passions should be, but other factors in your life are holding you back. Everyone has a different story.

But by no means am I unique. As I travel I will be interviewing interesting people along the way and I hope to bring their stories to light. And I hope those of you who have taken your own plunge will submit your story so we can all be inspired and benefit from your experience! If there are many stories shared, hopefully one will be similar to your own circumstances and offer you that final bit of inspiration needed to pursue your dreams!

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  1. Carlo Giardinetti
    Carlo Giardinetti says:

    Adam, it has been so great to read about your epiphany!!! I will keep reading you and I am sure you will inspire me further. I want to pursue my happiness through married life, family, children and will let you know my progresses! All the best for now and greetings from Ukraine. Carlo


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