What Is My Purpose?

What Is Your Purpose?

What Is My Purpose?Have you thought about what your purpose is in life? Too often we go through life purposeless and wonder why we aren’t then satisfied with life. How can you be satisfied when you have no purpose? Against what can you measure your progress, happiness, and satisfaction? What greater good are you working toward?

Happiness From Within

Step one in the Happiness Plunge is having an internal conversation with yourself to figure out your passions, goals, and purpose. These will form the foundation for the happier life you’ll later design.

Despite what modern marketing might tell you, happiness is found within yourself. You hold the key to unlock your own happy life. But it’s up to you to open the dialog within yourself to find that key.

If you can’t immediately think of what your purpose is, THAT IS OK!  We aren’t taught to think like that. Contrast that, for a moment, with people in other parts of the world. A boy may be born knowing from birth that his purpose is to provide for his parents into their old age, or take over the family business, etc. He knows what he is meant to do.

We may criticize this saying it is unfair that he had no choice. But how many of us never figure out our purpose? Sometimes having infinite choice is paralyzing. It’s also a gift, though.  You can decide your purpose!

How To Figure Out Your Purpose

  1. Write down your passions. You need to do this already in preparing for the Happiness Plunge.
  2. Is there a particular passion that jumps out at you and truly embodies what you want to do with your life? Something that offers you infinite motivation and drive? If so, you have your purpose.
  3. If no single passions jump out at you, that’s ok. That means you have multiple passions! Maybe your passions are being the best parent you can be, human rights, and sports. You need not have one singular purpose in life! And your purpose in life can change over time – the creation of a family being a perfect example of how priorities and passions can instantly change.
  4. If you are having a hard time figuring out your passions, that is also ok. That is often the most difficult part of the Happiness Plunge process. Don’t get frustrated. Try and broaden your horizons and try new things. Use the weekends as your passion Petri dish. Experience new things. Take a class on a far-flung subject. Take up kickboxing. Search meetup.com for groups in your area on subjects that interest you. How could you know you are passionate about traveling if you have never traveled? You have to get out there and try new things to figure out your passions. If you only eat ice cream, you’d never realize how good it tastes until you try Brussels sprouts!

Purpose StreetWhen you have a purpose, your sense of self-worth improves and so does your self-confidence.  Having a purpose gives you direction in life and allows you to focus on what is really important to you.  If the pursuit of happiness is a journey, then the name of the street is Purpose.

So what are you waiting for?  Figure your your purpose and start living today!

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