Coke = Happiness

“Happiness” In The Philippines

I would say that The Philippines was generally a happy place. But being back in an English-speaking environment, I realized how the word happiness is used as a tool for marketers.

Part of marketing is creating a need, perceived or real, for goods and services. Happiness is something all of us are after, so what better angle to take when marketing your product?

Does this marketing pitch sound familiar? “Feeling empty on the inside? Is your relationship on the decline and the stress of life just getting out of hand for you? Nothing numbs your despair like a $1000 purse or a $30,000 motorcycle…”

No, you aren’t marketed to that way, but this kind of talk is what underlies advertising.

It’s manipulation, in a way, but more than that it’s preying on the vulnerable. Most people haven’t found their purpose and are going through life with no compass. They are the easiest to manipulate and convince that happiness is just one purchase away.

With that in mind, take a look at these advertisements I found in The Philippines. Then, with more awareness, see if you can find the same shallow marketing in your own reality.

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