cerro san pedro

Cerro de San Pedro

On Sunday I visited a tiny village called Cerro de San Pedro. It is a ghost town and people only live there during the weekend. But it wasn’t always like that. It is actually the founding town in the state of San Luis Potosi and it is located among the mountains along a river.

But the town has basically been decimated by mining.

In this picture, for example, you can see that the right side of the mountain has been destroyed as the peak should be an even arc from left to right.Cerro san pedro

There is mining taking place very close to the town again and from what I understand (again, my Spanish still has a ways to go) the water and soil have been significantly polluted.

The town itself is very interesting and historic since it’s 428 years old.

Below are some pictures I took there.old house in cerro san pedro

The church and other city scenes.church in cerro san pedro

cerro san pedrocerro san pedrocerro san pedrocerro san pedro

I didn’t fully understand what this guy represents, but from what I understood it was a symbol of resistance against the Spanish when they were there exploiting the mines.miner made of steel with pick axecerro san pedrocerro san pedro

Some amazing food. The corn is cooked here without oil or butter and it still smells/tastes so good!corn stand stall in cerro san pedro

Finally, some normal and artificially colored baby chickens for sale.colored chickens for sale in cerro san pedro

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