City Tour Of San Luis Potosi

welcome to san luis potosi signOn Saturday my gracious hosts took me on a short tour of the city of San Luis Potosi. We went to the central square, the central market, another important square, and generally just walked around seeing the sites.

It was great and I must say the weather here is amazing. It’s about 85F/30C during the day and at night it can get as low as 59F/15C.

Below is the main plaza from a distance and then a close-up of the church.
Central Plaza of San Luis Potosiclose up of church in san luis potosi

Next to the main plaza is the opera house and across the way is an interesting statue on a bench.opera house in san luis potosimonument in central plaza san luis potosi

From there we went to the central market. The first thing I saw inside were piñatas and the one of the luchador (Mexican wrestler) caught my eye since I just saw the movie Nacho Libre in Houston.pinatas of luchadors in central market of san luis potosi

For the first time in my life, I got to see a real guava fruit! I have had dried guava in South Africa and I loved it. I love guava juices as well. I just happened to notice the sign saying “guyaba” and I bought some. I have to admit, I thought these were going to blow my mind but they didn’t. There are two different kinds of guava and the ones from South America, with their red interior, are probably better. I’ll have to wait until I get there to see!guavas in central market of san luis potosi

For lunch I had chicken soup. It was great! It came with tortillas and rice and I really have to say that I am loving real Mexican food.chicken soup and ricetortillas and chilli peppers

After the market, we went to another plaza. This is a picture of where the Spaniards used to live hundreds of years ago. Below it is the entrance to the University of San Luis Potosi.where the spaniards used to live in san luis potosientrance to university of san luis potosi

Same plaza, a monument showing when the city was founded and below it where the governor of the state of San Luis Potosi works.monument of founding of san luis potosioffice of the governor of san luis potosi

Below are some shops, a small park, and a picture of me with a statue in the same plaza.some shops in san luis potosiMe with a statue in a plaza in San Luis Potosi

Finally, some mannequins sporting clothes with a luchador mask!mannequins with luchador masks

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