Me On A Police Motorcycle In Mexico

The Feria – San Luis Potosi’s Annual Birthday Celebration

Yesterday I attended the “feria” of San Luis Potosi. It’s a big exposition that is held every year to mark the city’s birthday. There are exhibition halls where you can learn about things going on in the city. There are plenty of things to buy, drinks to imbibe, and food to eat.

I went with the person I am staying with and she was a great tourist guide. She explained a lot of things for me. There were things for sale from all over Mexico and the world. There were also restaurants from particular regions of Mexico as the food here is quite diverse.

I tried Mezcal and tequila as almost all alcohol and food stands offered small samples. I don’t like tequila, but Mezcal went down surprisingly smoothly without the burning in my chest and throat I was expecting. I also got to try some deserts.

But I want to leave the story there and tell the rest in chronological order via the pictures!

The two pictures below were taken at the entrance. It was very vibrant and colorful art. Both have meaning from the Aztek times involving snakes and peyote. At least that’s what I understood since everything was explained to me in Spanish 🙂art at entranceart at entrance

Immediately upon entering the exposition hall, I was treated to the best medicine you can buy on a day you don’t feel good. Yes, a Buckeye! Well, not exactly. It kind of went like this.. I asked him if he was a Buckeye in Spanish. But I accidentally touched his nipple with my finger. It turns out he is not a Buckeye and touching his nipple probably made it worse. But I asked nicely if I could have a picture with him because I went to the university on his shirt and he agreed. His son is suspicious and a guy wearing an ohio state buckeyes tshirt

There were tons of small exhibits and stores inside. Below are ones selling Turkish stuff, Egyptian stuff, and cowboy selling turkish stuff in mexicostore selling egyptian stuff in mexicocowboy hat store in mexico

Of course I tried on a cowboy hat!me wearing a cowboy hat

There was an exhibit by the local police to sit on a motorcycle. I guess it’s the least they could do after the whole machine gun incident in on a police motorcycle wearing a police hat

Despite all the cool stuff around me and all the things I was learning, my mind was in North Carolina as my mom and brother were preparing for a bad hurricane. Thankfully everything ended up fine for them.hurricane irene north carolina cnn

We went outside to the amusement park area and rode the Ferris Wheel. It’s a good way to see the city from up high. You can see four different views below, all showing the beautiful mountains that surround the city and the last one with a nice cloud/sunset view.Ferris Wheel 1Ferris Wheel 2nice sunet in san luis potosi

Time to eat! I had the cecina, or dried beef. I used to eat this in Spain and I liked it. But here it wasn’t as dried and it was very salty. My host had the tacos rojos, or red tacos. Red tacos are a specialty of this state in Mexico and I liked them. I must point out that there is no comparisson between tortilla in the US and here. I can’t stress how much better they are here. I thought it was funny that the only choices for salsa were hot or extra hot. And the entertainment on state was belly dancing, which I didn’t expect to see in Mexico. The ones I saw in Houston were better though!dinner of cecina and tacos rojoschoices for salsa hot or extra hotbelly dancers at dinner in mexico

After dinner we met up with two of my host’s friends in Plaza Del Mariachi and listened to some live music. One nice thing I’ve noticed so far is that I don’t hear much American music in stores or on the street. The people here really seem to love and enjoy their music. Nice! There was dancing going on, and as a Gringo I rhythmically bent my knees and moved from side to side. But I’ll never have the dance skills of the Latins 🙂mariachis playing for the crowd

A picture with the with mariachis

A mechanical bull with Speedy Gonzales. Nice!mechanical bull with speedy gonzales in mexico

Lastly, my word list from the day. If I don’t start writing down words I will never learn them. So this is my plan to improve my Spanish. These are the words that came up during the day.spanish vocabulary list

Today I spent some time in the city and tomorrow I will as well. I’ll put up a post soon to show more of this city.

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  1. Elí
    Elí says:

    I’m happy bcs you had a good experience here! Well, I just want to say that Azteks were one of the nomad groups that used to live in the north of México, but they moved to the center of the country looking for a good place to stop walking in the Desert and become sedentaries. Other people stayed in the Desert having as mission to protect it. During these centuries, these people started becoming sedentaries too, and mixing with the spanish, and here we are: half nomads, half spanish! this is something that people from this state is very prouf of. A especial community is very importante for us, because they still keep the tradition of our ancestors alive, they didn’t mix so much, so the tradition is very similar as it was before. This community is called “Huichola” and they are the ones that protect the Desert and do rituals with Peyote. However, they’re facing the biggest problem of their history. As you know, some mines started working again, and that one that is working in Cerro de San Pedro, also wants to destroyed our Desert. Huicholes have gone to many places trying to get some help and stop this mine, but it has been very difficult. I wanted to share this with you, because it can be a good way to make more people know what it’s happening here! Some organizations are working with the community and we think we can stop this, but we need more and  more help!
    Here you have a link where you can learn more about this:

    Hope you can help us telling this story to your friends! =)

    • Adam Pervez
      Adam Pervez says:


      Thanks so much for the comment. I think it is you who just shared this story with my friends. Great explanation, though the story itself is, of course, sad. I hope lots of people click on the link and see what is going on.
      Thanks again for the comment!

  2. Lindsey Page
    Lindsey Page says:

    You had me laughing out loud when you explained that you touched that poor man’s nipple!  I currently live in Ohio and know how fanatical Buckeye fans can be, but that was a first! Haha!  I am enjoying reading about your journey so far, thanks for sharing! 

  3. Urayoan05
    Urayoan05 says:

    Oh my God!!! I was there this year and was my second time. I am puertorrican but my partner is from San Luis Potosi and in the last 4 years we go every summer to visit the family. I learned a lot about mexican peopl, the culture and the beautifull places to visit, and is amazing, I love it. The feria (fenapo) is really kool and I enjoyed all your pictures and comments. You has to visit Real Catorce is a real old time town and kind of spooky. There is so many amazing places to visit in San Luis and in the entire Mexico.
    Sandy P.


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