Arrival In León, Mexico

On Thursday I left San Luis Potosi and went to León, Mexico. It was just a three hour bus ride, but the two places definitely feel different. León feels bigger and more developed, but it’s just an initial impression.

Plaza Del Zapato in Leon MexicoLeón is famous for making shoes and leather, so it was fitting that the first thing I saw upon exiting the bus station was the “Plaza del Zapato” or “Shoe Plaza”. I don’t think I’ll be buying any shoes, but this is the place in Mexico to go shoe shopping.

Right in the middle of the city is an impressive arch.The Arch in Leon, Mexico

The cathedral is an impressive pinkish building that leaves its mark on the city.The Cathedral in Leon, Mexico

Another church I liked while walking around the town.A church in Leon, Mexico

Mexican Independence Day starts September 15th at night and continues on all day on September 16th. So there are Mexican flags and colors everywhere, including these stands where you can buy some items to show your Mexican spirit.Mexican Independence Day souvenirs

Finally, the central square. The red building is the mayor’s office. I love the landscaped trees. They remind me of mushrooms for some reason.Central Square in Leon, MexicoMushroom Trees in Leon, MexicoFountain in Leon, MexicoMayor's Office in Leon, Mexico

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