Me with a Mariachi

Day Trip To Guanajuato, Mexico

Wow, what a beautiful city. I was told over and over again that I had to go to Guanajuato and now I understand why.

We went to Guanajuato on Saturday and the weather was perfect. It is only about 45 minutes from Leon by car.

Upon entering the city you are transported back in time to the colonial era. The architecture and stone bricks scream classical antiquity. Interestingly, there are tunnels throughout the city allowing cars to efficiently pass from one area to another.

I don’t know how I can explain it, but I’d say that the city felt alive. One of the first things we came across was a mime show taking place right in front of the theater. We sat down to watch the fun show and watched another one in the evening before leaving.Mime show in Guanujuato, Mexico

Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures of the city. But walking the streets of Guanajuato reminded me of walking the streets of Madrid or Rome or Athens. Beautiful.

We had a wonderful four course lunch accompanied by mariachis, naturally. Below is a picture of me with a mariachi.Me with a Mariachi

After lunch we took a funicular up a steep mountain to see the city from above. Again, breathtaking beauty.

Many of the houses are colorful and make for a beautiful sight as they dot the landscape of hills and mountains. It reminds me of the picturesque view of Santorini, Greece only the picturesque view in this case seems to get no attention! Guanujuato, Mexico view from hillGuanujuato, Mexico view from hill

This was a beautiful church we passed, and in good Rocky form, I raced to the top of the steps and did a little air boxing.Church in Guanujuato, Mexico

Hill in Guanujuato, Mexico illuminated by the moonFinally, a scene at night with the moon illuminating one of the aforementioned colorful hills. The pictures in this post don’t do the city justice, but I did my best!

Once again, it was another magical day spent in Mexico. Tons of fun. Lots of things to experience and learn. Great food literally everywhere. Families out in the street enjoying the entertainment and perfect weather. Mexican music filling the air throughout the city. And most importantly, time spent with great people and great friends. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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