My New Hat And Gloves

Ready For The Cold – Just Bought Handmade Gloves And A Hat From Some Ecuadorian Artisans In Colombia

While walking around Popayan today, I found a small artisan market. There was a nice Ecuadorian mother/daughter team selling various hand-made clothing items in their stall. Knowing that I’ll be visiting some cold places in the near future, I decided to patronize them. The fact that the hat features Ohio State colors was a bonus.. 🙂

The hat and gloves combined cost 10,000 Pesos/$5.50.  The ladies even told me where the best place is to exchange my Pesos for Dollars at the Colombia-Ecuador border. Bonus!

I don’t like the cold, but all I have to say is BRING IT ON!

My New Hat And Gloves

My New Hat And Gloves

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  1. Happiness Plunge
    Happiness Plunge says:

    Gracias. Yo tambien! Con colores de mi universidad. Y puedo usarlo en los pinches buses, pero en Ecuador/Peru yo creo que voy a volver a chicken buses. No van a ser con gelado como las buses aqui en Colombia.


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