Brutus Buckeye Hat - Huaraz, Peru

The Best Of Latin America – Reminders Of Home

Making A New Friend - Alto Cayma, PeruLatin America will always be a special place for me. It’s where I started The Happy Nomad Tour and spent nine months of my life traveling, volunteering, and getting to know another way of life. I also finally learned Spanish 🙂

In this series I will share “The Best Of Latin America” in pictures. The pictures won’t do it justice, but nothing could…

Reminders Of Home

I wasn’t homesick in Latin America, but reminders of home are always nice to come by. If I were from New York or Miami or Los Angeles, I guess it wouldn’t be so special. But as an Ohioan, it’s kind of special 🙂

Below are some random pictures that remind me of home as follows:

Ohio State University



Cleveland Indians (Baseball Team)

Cleveland Browns (Football Team)

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